Soul Calibur V

Extra Arcade Route
Arcarde Route: "Extra"
Reach Player Level 17
Unlockable Characters & Stages
The following characters and stages can be unlocked after completing "Legendary Souls" mode. For the characters, it is also said that if you face them in arcade mode, you can unlock them after beating them here as well
Algol Fear
Defeat in Arcade or Legendary Souls Mode
Alpha Patroklos
Clear Story Mode
Devil Jin Style
Reach player level 5
Edge Master
Clear Story Mode
Clear Story Mode
Defeat in Arcade or Legendary Souls Mode
Pyrrha Omega
Clear Story Mode
Stage: Denever Castle: Eye of Chaos
Defeat Pyrrha Omega in Story Mode
Stage: Penitentiary of Destiny
Defeat Kilik in Legendary Souls Mode or Arcade Mode
Stage: Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy
Defeat Algol Fear in Legendary Souls Mode or Arcade Mode
Stage: Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good & Evil
Defeat Edge Master in Legendary Souls Mode or Arcade Mode
Stage: Utopia of the Blessed
Defeat Elyssia in Story Mode
A Soul Coalesces (5)
Edit a player license.
Adored by Heaven (10)
Perform 20 grapple breaks.
Alluring Kaleidoscope (10)
Land a brave edge 100 times.
Awakened to Violence (10)
Reach E4 rank in ranked match.
Beginning of Destiny (5)
Register 3 rivals.
Black Sword of Death (10)
K.O. with critical edge 30 times.
Carry Out Your Beliefs (10)
Win 5 times in one style on Xbox LIVE.
Colorful Illusion (10)
Creation: take a thumbnail by manually setting a decoration frame and background.
Conqueror of the Arena (100)
Win 50 times on Xbox LIVE.
Courageous Warrior (25)
Win 20 times on Xbox LIVE.
Fancy of a Mad King (15)
Guard burst 30 times.
Fetal Soul (5)
Player level reaches 5.
First Step of a Legend (30)
Reach D1 rank in ranked match.
Footprints of Soldiers (10)
Defeat 100 male characters.
Gale Forces (20)
K.O. the opponent 25 times with an attack after a quick move.
Give in to Temptation (10)
Defeat 100 female characters.
Hands of the Abyss (10)
Win by ring out 50 times.
Hero Carved in History (50)
Fight 100 times on Xbox LIVE.
History Repeats (5)
Battle in SOULCALIBUR V for the first time (excluding training and VS battle).
Home is Faraway (80)
Story: clear final episode.
Like a Flowing Stream (10)
Successfully perform a just guard 5 times.
Lively Pub (5)
Change the BGM in options.
Mask Another's Memory (20)
Arcade: clear a leaderboard route with a record better than your rival.
Mercenary of War (20)
Fight 30 times on Xbox LIVE.
Momentary Pleasure (15)
Successfully perform an impact 100 times.
Never Ending Effort (10)
Land an attack 20,000 times.
No-hitter (30)
Ranked Match: win 10 times with Ezio.
Notes on Rivals (5)
Play back another player's replay.
Parrier of Swords (20)
Perfect win 50 times.
Passionate Artist (20)
Creation: create a character with full-on coordination (used everything except for height).
Path to Glory (10)
Quick Battle: defeat 50 warriors.
Perfect Trainee (20)
Arcade: clear Asia route.
Proof of a Fighter (15)
Win consecutive matches on Xbox LIVE.
Purge of the Holy (10)
Story: clear episode 1.
Pursuit of Obsession (15)
Quick Battle: defeat Harada TEKKEN.
Reason to Fight For (20)
Reach E1 rank in ranked match.
Resurrection of Order (30)
Story: clear episode 16.
Road to the Duel (20)
Quick Battle: defeat 150 warriors.
Shields Come Together (20)
Story: clear episode 8.
Sings Own Praise (10)
Upload a replay of your win.
Skills for Duels (50)
Legendary Souls: win with brave edge.
Soul Fulfilled (30)
Player level reaches maximum.
Stalwart Barbarian (10)
Perform a wall hit 50 times.
Strategist of War (25)
Fight 75 times on Xbox LIVE.
Sudden Temptation (40)
Quick Battle: defeat all warriors.
Synchronize DNA (5)
Use Ezio in a player match.
Throbbing Soul (15)
Player level reaches 50.
Usurped True Name (20)
Quick Battle: win against 10 players with titles and use the obtained title on the player license.
War Veteran (40)
Arcade: clear any route with difficulty set on hard.
Wind of Battle (10)
Reach over 87,600 m in total movement distance in battle.

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