Sonic Unleashed

     Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Ace Pilot (20): Pull off some flawless flying

Airdevil (10): Improve your Air Boost!

Almost There (25): Save the fifth continent

Basher (10): Get your Werehog level up

BFFs (20): Become better friends with Chip

Blue Meteor (20): Dash through the white walls at top speed

Blue Streak (30): Create an unbeatable Hedgehog

Combo King (20): Work on your combos

Crasher (10): Get your Werehog level up even higher!

Creature of the Night (15): Get a high score with Sonic the Werehog

Day Tripper (20): Race through all stages

Exotic Toppings (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Mazuri

First Time Customer (10): Buy something from Wentos

Fried Clam Roll (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Adabat

Full Moon (50): Collect all of the Moon Medals

Get on the Exorcise Bandwagon (20): Drive dark spirits away

Getting the Hang of Things (15): Get a high score with Sonic the Hedgehog

Gyro with Relish (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Apotos

Half Moon (30): Collect Moon Medals

Hard Boiled (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Eggmanland

Hard Day's Night (20): Blast through all stages

Hedgehunk (5): Talk with people in the pursuit of love

Helping Hand (20): Help someone in need

Hungry Hungry Hedgehog (30): Eat everything in the world

Hyperdrive (10): Improve your Lightspeed Dash!

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost (5): Someone is dealing with spectral troubles

Iced Hotdog (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Holoska

Kebab on a Bun (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Shamar

Ketchup and Mustard (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Empire City

Knockout Brawler (20): Smash, smash, and smash some more

Lay the Smackdown (10): Improve your Stomp!

Looking Better (25): Save the second continent

Oh, You Shouldn't Have! (10): Give a souvenir to the Professor

One More to Go (25): Save the sixth continent

Partly Cloudy (30): Collect Sun Medals

Picking Up the Pieces (25): Save the fourth continent

Pig in a Blanket (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Spagonia

Power Overwhelming (30): Create an unbeatable Werehog

Ring Leader (20): Gather Rings from all over the world

Sausage Fried Rice (10): Eat all the hot dogs in Chun-nan

Smasher (10): Get your Werehog level up some more!

Social Butterfly (30): Talk to people around the world

Speeding Ticket (20): Become the fastest thing alive

Still a Jigsaw Puzzle (25): Save the third continent

Still Broken (25): Save the first continent

Sunny (50): Collect all of the Sun Medals

That's Enough, Seriously (20): Give every souvenir to the Professor

Thrasher (10): Get your Werehog level way up there!

Wall Crawler (10): Improve your Wall Jump!

World Savior (100): Complete the game

Eggmanland Hub World
     In  order to unlock the hub world for Eggmanland, you must defeat
the final boss and beat the game.

Walk through walls
     If  you go up to pretty much any wall/door as a werehog, pressing
X  Y Y for the combo, followed by shielding, will let you pass through
the wall.

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