Skate 3

Various cheats
To activate these codes, press Start, go to Options, then Extras, then Enter Cheat Code, and enter one of the following:
Cheat code
Enables Mini-Skater mode
Enables Zombie Mode. Pedestrians chase you, screen goes yellowish
Hoverboard mode. Trucks and wheels disappear from your deck
Resets all objects in every area back to their original positions
Unlocks Isaac from Dead Space as a playable skater
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
It takes a really big village... (50)
Reach community board sales target
Park Apprentice (20)
Complete the skate.Park tutorials
Takin 'em to the limit (20)
Get the terrain meter in the red for your own skate.Park
Constructive Criticism (20)
Rate 5 skate.Parks, 5 Films, and 5 Photos
Artsy Fartsy (20)
Upload 5 Films and 5 Photos, and 3 skate.Parks
Sellout! (20)
Create a Logo and put it on your Skater
Objectifier (10)
3 Moveable objects used in a single sequence
Mantastic Voyage (10)
3 manuals in a single sequence
Don't be so Mayo (20)
Land a Miracle Whip (Superdude body flip)
100% Pure Adrenaline (10)
Fly Spread Eagle for 10 seconds
Employee #3 (20)
Earn your second career teammate
Dedicated 1 (00)
Everything beaten, everything unlocked, everything earned
Party at the Penthouse (10)
Win both Maloof Money Cup contests
T-Mobilized (10)
Win the T-Mobile sponsored contest
Employee #2 (10)
Earn your first career teammate
Beast Unleashed (10)
Win the Monster contest
Deck Peddler (75)
1 Million boards sold
GVR Champ (10)
Win the Goofy vs. Regular contest
Making a Buddy Call (10)
Call a Skater to come skate with you
Talking bout Team practice (10)
Play in a 6-player Team Freeskate session
You’re Winner! (10)
Win a Ranked Online Solo Challenge
Co-Operator (10)
Complete an Online Career challenge
Throw Down (10)
Win a Ranked Online Team Challenge
Team Up (20)
Be part of a team with two or more skaters
Lot Pwners (10)
Win a Ranked Team Own The Lot
High Five! (25)
Win any 5 Ranked Challenges
Is that all you got? (50)
Own all challenges
Speed Demon (10)
Win the final deathrace
In Stereo (20)
Complete Coach Frank's skate.School Tutorials
Masochist (10)
Beat the "Thorax Crunch" Hall of Meat Challenge
Spot Monopolist (30)
Own all of the spots
All your base are belong to you (10)
Unlock the Team HQ
Employee #1 (10)
Start your team
Big-Footy (10)
Beat the film ender
A Dynasty Is Born (30)
Fully staffed your team
Mass Murderer (50)
Kill 80 challenges
The Consumate Pro (20)
Complete all pro challenges
King of Kings (20)
Win the street and tranny ender contests
Lot Monopolist (30)
Own all of the lots
Sexiest Skater Alive (20)
Get the covers of Skateboard Mag and Thrasher
Overexposed (20)
Complete all Promotional Films and Photos
Employee #4 (20)
Earn your third career teammate
Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Secret Achievement (10)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
Maloof Money Cup DLC Achievements
Maloof Street Slayer (20)
Complete the Maloof NY Street OTL
Maloof Tranny Monster (20)
Complete the Maloof NY Tranny OTL
Money Cup Master (40)
Win the Maloof NY Contest
Picture Worth a Thousand Curbs (10)
Complete both Maloof NY Photo Challenges
Where's My Money? (10)
Complete both Maloof NY OTS Challenges
Danny's Hawaiian Dream DLC Achievements
Argh! Flying Monkies! (20)
Complete the "Jungle Step" and "Danny's Mega Gaps" Challenges
Danny's Demo Machine (10)
Complete both Demos
King of the Jungle (20)
Complete the Danny Way Tranny Path
Lei it on the Line (20)
Complete the "Touch and Go" and "Gazebo Film" Challenges
Master of Mega Gnar (50)
Beat Danny Way in the Final Contest
Street Locals Only (20)
Complete the Danny Way Street Path
The Ownly Way (10)
Complete both Danny Way OTS Challenges
San Van Party Pack DLC Achievements
2 Wheel Rainbow (10)
Complete the "Over the Rainbow" Photo Challenge
Bump and Grind (25)
Complete the "Bump Riser" OTS Challenge
Flippin' Loopy (20)
Complete "The Corkscrew" Photo Challenge
I Own all the Classics (25)
Complete the "Twin Spires" OTS Challenge
Marraffanator (100)
Complete the "Marraffa's Skatepark" OTL Challenge
Modern Major-Manual (20)
Complete the "Modern Manual" Photo Challenge
OG ABD (10)
Complete the "Gallery Gap Line" Film Challenge
Slow and Steady (20)
Complete "The Art of Rail" Film Challenge
Stair Maestro (20)
Complete "The Quintessential Stair" Film Challenge
Unlock Meat Man
Beat every Hall of Meat challenge to unlock Meat Man.
Dem Bones
Beat all Hall Of Meat challenges to unlock Dem Bones as a playable character
Dem Bones
Beat all Hall Of Meats

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