Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
Curious (80)
Find out how to observe things closely right from the start...
Art lover (80)
The true art lover will have no difficulty...
Crime doesn't pay (80)
Don't be the accomplice to a theft...
Dogged (80)
How does Jack feel when he handles the knife?
The crime weapon (10)
What weapon does Jack the Ripper use?
Make-up artist (10)
What does Jack the Ripper look like?
Pinpointing the killer (10)
In which district does Jack the Ripper live?
Relentless logic (10)
The killer's identity (10)
Who is Jack the Ripper?
Complex case (150)
The last word.
Secret Achievements:
Charitable soul (30)
Treat the captain.
Clever (10)
Open the briefcase belonging to agent Humphries.
Director (10)
Reconstruct the hand movements of Polly Nichols's murderer.
Rational (30)
Fill in the deduction board.
Methodical (10)
Reconstruct Walter Sickert's cane.
Patient (10)
Reconstruct the torn up reports.
Organised (10)
Fill in the timescale of the murder of Polly Nichols.
Model pupil (10)
Open the jar containing the heart.
Skilful (10)
Use the magnet to retrieve the lock pick.
Eagle eye (10)
Retrieve the amulet from under the floor.
Ingenious (30)
Access the first floor of the Finley lodgings.
Snake charmer (30)
Obtain the tanner's mask.
Handyman (10)
Repair the gas leak.
Logical mind (10)
Find the encyclopaedia of perfume.
Sensitive nose (10)
Solve the puzzle of the perfume.
Strategist (30)
Enter the police station unseen.
Lock picker (10)
Pick the lock leading to the cells.
Deciphering expert (10)
Decipher the coded message.
Technician (10)
Reconnect the cables on the goods lift.
Tenacious (30)
Access the barricaded room on the first floor.
Dexterous (10)
Dismantle the combination lock.
Cool (30)
Bluff the crooks.
Cheeky (10)
Obtain the clues by phone.
Historian (10)
Open Tumblety's briefcase.
Resourceful (30)
Obtain access to the butcher's shop.
Analytical mind (10)
Fill in the timescale of the double murder.
Shrewd (30)
Find Sherlock some water.
Journalist (10)
Replace the correct labels on the compartments.
Surgeon (10)
Find the internal organ missing from the corpse.
Snoop (10)
Find the correct file at the Imperial Club.

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