Shadow Complex

     Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Bomba Punter (20):            Punt 20 Bombas

Completionist (20):           Complete the game with 100% of the items

Hero (50):                    Complete the game on any difficulty setting

Let's Get Punchy (15):        Melee 5 soldiers

Look Out! (5):                Kill a soldier with a Bomba

Make 'Em Scream (20):         Get 100 soldiers to scream

Minimalist (10):              Complete the game with less than 13% of items

My Head A-splode (20):        Get 50 headshots

Proven Grounds (10):          Complete the three challenge packs 
                              in the Proving Grounds
Serious Complex (10):         Level up to experience level 50

To Kill a Blackbird (15):     Destroy the helicopter attacking 
                              the vice president
Walkin' on Water (5):         Make it from one end of the lake 
                              to the other in hyperspeed

Gamer Pictures
There are 2 gamer pictures that can be unlocked while playing.

Another picture of the Enemy: Get the facemask/100% your armor

Picture of an Enemy:          Beat the First Trantula

Golden Weapons
     Collect  all  12  Gold  Bars to unlock a secret room. This secret
room  will be marked on your map and contains golden versions of every

Level Bonuses
     Reach  certain  levels  to receive different bonuses. All bonuses
are carried over to New Game+ after obtaining the weapon again.

Complete Map (including 
weapon upgrades):             Level 20

Infinite Foam Ammo:           Level 30

Infinite Grenade Ammo:        Level 40

Infinite Rocket Ammo:         Level 50

Regenerate Health and Ammo Quickly
     Health and ammo at save points does not regenerate quickly on its
own,  and its usually not enough to meet your needs. After saving at a
checkpoint,  leave  the  room  then  pause  the  game and choose "Load
Checkpoint." This will save your ammo and health settings and warp you
back  to  the  checkpoint  where  the health and ammo is available for
pickup once again!

Unlockable Locations of Everything (Full Map)
     When  you  reach level 20, the map is unlocked with locations all
items,  weapons and more, all represented on the map (they will appear
as "?").

Color Coding
The following barriers can be penetrated by the weapons listed below:

Red - Missiles
Purple - Foam
Blue - Friction Dampener
Orange - Fire Arms
Green - Grenades

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