Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

76 Trombones (25)
Help reunite Tallulah and the Doo-Rays!
Acting Coach (25)
Help Seamus put on his play!
Advancing with the Stars (20)
Collect 50 stars!
Again! Again! (30)
After playing through the whole book, play through any page again!
And Then There Was A... (20)
Narrate Ramona's story two or more times!
Fastest Florist (35)
Tune a set of flowers in 17 seconds or less!
Fine Leather Jackets (15)
Dress up a monster in Seamus's Fashion Grotto!
Fruit Fly (20)
Collect 110 pieces of fruit from the Tree of Plenty!
Give 'Em the Brushoff (15)
Dust the snow off of all the monsters!
Gotcha! (10)
Catch a Doo-Ray while parachuting!
Grand Marshal (15)
March in the parade with Tallulah and the Doo-Rays!
Green Thumb (25)
Help rebuild Shelby's garden!
Grrhoof Be Nimble (35)
Keep your balance, and don't fall in the mud!
Grrhoof Groomer (10)
Pull a stick off of Grrhoof!
Happy Birthday! (10)
Help Marco blow out his birthday candles!
Imperial Style (20)
Send Seamus onstage in three different emperor outfits!
It's Really a Super Food (10)
Perform the broccoli pose!
Jazz Hands (35)
Play through every dance page in the book with two players!
Love Them and Pet Them (25)
Help Grrhoof make friends with the Puffalopes!
Luminous Balls of Plasma (25)
Collect 75 stars!
Make Some Noise (15)
Give the dramatic flower chorus something to say!
Milky Way (40)
Collect all the stars!
Monster Helper (35)
Play through every page in the book three times or more!
Muddy Monsters (20)
Wash off the Doo-Rays 10 times!
Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now (35)
Run through the Electric Jungle without hitting any obstacles!
Our Story Begins (15)
Play through the tutorial!
Parachute Power (35)
Reach the bottom of the Tree of Plenty without hitting more than three obstacles!
Party Time (25)
Throw a birthday party for Marco!
Puffalope Petter (15)
Make friends with a Puffalope!
Real Trashy (15)
Throw trash into Oscar's trash can!
Right Said Sled (35)
Go through every wind gust on the sledding run!
Seed Sprouter (10)
Plant a seed and water it to grow a little sprout!
Stalefish McCookie (10)
Do a trick on the sled!
Standing Ovation (35)
Perform every pose in Seamus's play!
Starstruck (20)
Collect 25 stars!
Storyteller (25)
Tell stories with Ramona!
Stuffalope (20)
Feed 50 biscuits to the Puffalopes!
The End (100)
Play through every chapter in the book!
Twinkle, Twinkle (15)
Collect 5 stars!
Two's Company (35)
Play through any page with two players!
Weed Whacker (20)
Pull up 50 weeds in Shelby's garden!

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