SBK Generations

2009 Was Amazing (20)
Complete the last challenge of the level 2009 in the SBK Experience.
3, 2, 1... Done! (20)
Reach all podium positions at least once in different Quick Races.
600cc, pure Fun (10)
Join a Supersport class team in Career mode.
A Complete Champion (30)
Win at least one Championship for every class in the same Career.
A Short but Amazing Journey (40)
Finish the Career mode.
Beginner (10)
Complete the first challenge of the SBK Experience.
Better Than Spies (40)
Achieve at least 14 Superpole and 11 Race victories in the same Career.
Break Your Body (25)
Injure your rider to retirement.
Break Your Soul (25)
Damage your bike to retirement.
Burn the chronometer (5)
Win a Time Attack.
Challenge to All Comers (15)
Win your first Online Quick Race.
Days of Thunder (10)
Reach 186 mph (300 km/h) with any bike on any track in any game mode.
Easy, Mate... (10)
Win a Quick Race.
Engineering Degree (15)
Save a bike setting in any Simulation game mode for the first time.
Entering the Future (35)
Complete the last challenge of the level 2012 in the SBK Experience.
Fan Favourite (20)
Reach 4000 reputation points.
Hello Chief, Nice to Meet You! (5)
Use the Technical Meeting for the first time.
I like the Experience (30)
Complete all SBK Experience Challenges.
I love the Experience (50)
Storm all SBK Experience Challenges.
I'm a Legend (40)
Complete the last challenge of the level Legends in the SBK Experience.
I'm Living the Experience (15)
Complete 14 SBK Experience challenges.
I'm the King Now (20)
Storm the last challenge of the SBK Experience.
It is Time for the Top Class (10)
Join a Superbike class team in Career mode.
Last Year Best Year (30)
Complete the last challenge of the level 2011 in the SBK Experience.
Like a Pro (15)
Win a single player Quick Race at Pro difficulty level.
Living Legend (25)
Reach 6000 reputation points.
Money well spent (15)
Unlocked when player presses START for the first time on splash screen.
MUD World (15)
Win a Race Weekend while your rider is wearing the MUD helmet.
Newcomer (5)
Create your first custom rider.
Not so popular (25)
Lose at least 100 reputation points in Career mode.
One Enemy is Not Enough for Me (10)
Beat the Special Opponent in Career for the first time.
Online Champ (20)
Win your first Online Championship.
Orient Express (30)
Ride for at least 2000 km in any game mode.
Pit Walker (15)
Ride your bike from the track into the pit-lane.
Rising Star (15)
Reach 2100 reputation points.
Rookie of the year (10)
Reach 500 reputation points.
Social Poleman (20)
Obtain the best time in an Online Qualifying session.
Stormed! (25)
Storm one challenge of the SBK Experience.
Superbike Champion (25)
Win a Superbike Championship in any game mode.
Supersport Champion (25)
Win a Supersport Championship in any game mode.
Superstock Champion (25)
Win a Superstock Championship in any game mode.
Team Up with Baz (10)
Join MRS Racing in Career mode.
Thanks to the R&D (5)
Successfully upgrade your bike in Career mode.
The Collector (20)
Unlock all locked riders.
This is How You Play This Game (20)
Win a Race Weekend at Full Simulation.
This Was My Year! (25)
Complete the last challenge of the level 2010 in the SBK Experience.
Too Real to be True! (20)
Win a single player Quick Race at Real difficulty level.
Water, a Lot of Water (20)
Win a rainy single player Quick Race of 100% length.
Yes, weekend! (20)
Win a race in a weekend.
Young Guns (10)
Join a Superstock class team in Career mode.

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