First Captain (25)
Complete 50% of secondary objectives
Hard Boiled (50)
Complete all secondary objectives
Competitor (5)
Complete an operation
Achiever (10)
Complete all operations' bonus objectives
Best Friend (25)
Complete all cooperative operations
One vs. All (25)
Complete all 1 vs. all operations
Nemesis (25)
Complete all 1 vs. 1 operations
Staff Officer (25)
Complete all operations
Recruit (5)
Defeat an A.I. in battle mode
Trooper (25)
Defeat an A.I. in battle mode on Medium difficulty level and in all time periods (39/42/45).
Ace (50)
Defeat an A.I. In battle mode on Hard difficulty level with Total victory.
Parasite (10)
Capture 50 buildings
Ambassador (25)
Defeat an A.I. in battle mode while playing each nation.
Collector (25)
Defeat all A.I. profiles in 1v1 battle at least in Medium difficulty.
Cunning (25)
Use all RUSEs
Destroyer (25)
Destroy 5000 enemy units
Regular (5)
Get to level 20
Veteran (10)
Reach the Veteran league.
Elite (25)
Reach the Elite league.
War God (50)
Get to level 100
Eug-virus (25)
Defeat one of Eugen Systems' team or someone having already unlocked this achievement
Best Enemies (10)
Play a four-player game with your friends only
Atlas (10)
Play a game on every map in a ranked match
Got Your Back! (5)
Play a game with a friend
Occasional Allies (10)
Play a game with a stranger in team ranked match
Battle Hardened (10)
Achieve a victory in every ranked match mode
One Hand behind My Back (20)
Defeat an opponent without using the airfield and armor and artillery base camps in a ranked match
Top Gun (20)
Defeat an opponent with air units only in a ranked match
Invincible (25)
Achieve a 90% or more survival ratio in a ranked match
Who's Your Daddy? (25)
Achieve a 200% or more kill rate in a ranked match
Mercenary (25)
Win 5 games with every nation in ranked matches
The Terrible (25)
Achieve a winning streak of 3 in ranked matches
The Great (50)
Achieve a winning streak of 10 in ranked matches
Secret Achievements:
First Contact (5)
Seize Colditz Castle
Holding the Pass (5)
Successfully hold Kasserine Pass
Sand Storm (5)
Throw the Axis out of Africa
From Cover to Cover (5)
Neutralize the Italian secondary HQ by moving from cover to cover.
Tank Buster (5)
Eliminate the last Italian forces
Highway to Heaven (5)
Complete the Italian Campaign
D-Day (10)
Successfully land at Utah Beach
Hedgerow War (10)
Complete the Cotentin Campaign
Death from Above (10)
Complete Operation Market Garden
Battered Bastard of Bastogne (25)
Successfully hold Bastogne
V-E Day (25)
Survive to see the German capitulation
The Facility (25)
Recover Germany's secret weapon plans
Payback! (25)
Prevent the Russians from attacking the western allies
Brigadier General (25)
Prevent World War III in Easy difficulty level
Lieutenant General (25)
Prevent World War III in Medium difficulty level
General of the Army (50)
Prevent World War III in Hard difficulty level
Desert Fox (10)
Play two RUSEs on the same sector

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