Record of Agarest War

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Alchemical Aptitude (5)
Smithing makes the shop go 'round.
Almost There... (10)
There's so much to see.
Apollo (5)
Healthy as a horse!
Athena (5)
Smart as a whip!
Caerus (5)
Smart as a whip!
Can We Keep Him? (5)
You've got to weaken monsters before you can capture them.
Clear the Fifth Generation (100)
Aim to clear the fifth generation.
Clear the First Generation (25)
Aim to clear the first generation.
Clear the Fourth Generation (50)
Aim to clear the fourth generation.
Clear the Second Generation (50)
Aim to clear the second generation.
Clear the Third Generation (50)
Aim to clear the third generation.
Commoner (10)
What's more than 19, but less than 21?
Generational Profiling (10)
Unlock character profiles.
Heracles (5)
Strong as an ox!
Hermes (5)
Quick as a wink!
I've Created a Monster! (5)
What have I done!?
I've Seen Everything (20)
Have you seen it all?
In Title Only (5)
Be sure to visit the Adventurers Guild.
Lord (25)
What's 10 and 0?
Oops (5)
It seems something unexpected was created. Hopefully it wasn't grass.
Rebel (35)
Fyuria is my bride!
Shieldmaiden (40)
Elaine is my bride!
Special Delivery (5)
With your Extra Skills combined...
The More the Merrier (5)
Execute a coordinated attack with six characters.
Titular (50)
Earn all the titles. Good luck.
Vassal (15)
What's half of 100?
Warriors, Assemble! (5)
Your name has been recorded in the hall of heroes.
Well-read (20)
Are there still character profiles you haven't unlocked?
You Complete Me (25)
You have been loved like there's no tomorrow.

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