Pure Football

Early Doors (5)
Score with your 1st shot on net in any mode
Share the Love (10)
Score 1 goal with each of your outfield players in any mode
Hat Trick Hero (10)
Score 3 goals in one game with 1 player in any mode
Last Gasp (10)
Score in the last 5 seconds of a timed match in any mode
Toast the Post (10)
Score off a shot that hits the post in any mode
Full House (10)
Score 3 goals and record 2 assists with 1 player in any mode
Velocity Rapture (20)
Score 10 pure power shots in any mode
Apocalyp-Toe (20)
Score 15 volleyed goals in any mode
On a Bender (30)
Score 30 skill shot goals across all modes
Tao of Power (40)
Score 4 consecutive pure power shot goals in 1 game in any mode
Laundry Day (5)
Record a clean sheet in any mode
Pitch-Hiker (10)
Win a match in each venue in any mode
Serial Thriller (10)
Win 5 matches via penalty shootout in any mode
Braveheart (10)
Defeat England with Scotland on Pure difficulty
Club Before Country (10)
Win a game with a team with immediate chemistry
Head Case (20)
Score 50 headed goals across all modes
Defibrillator (20)
Come back from 3 or more goals down in 5 matches
Firing Blanks (20)
Win a game without taking a shot on goal
A New Millennium (30)
Score 1,000 goals across all modes
The Wanderer (30)
Travel 100 km on the pitch across all modes
One Small Step (5)
Unlock your 1st venue in a campaign
Captain Fantastic (5)
Have your captain obtain man of the match in a campaign match
Rude Guest (10)
Win a campaign match while completing all 5 recruitment objectives
The Guardian (10)
Complete a campaign with a defender with a 4+ star rating
The Emissary (10)
Complete a campaign with a midfielder with a 4+ star rating
The Assassin (10)
Complete a campaign with a forward with a 4+ star rating
29 Days Later (20)
Win the final tournament
Lopsided Loyalty (20)
Unlock all players from a national team
All World (40)
Upload your captain at the end of a campaign
A League of Your Own (50)
Unlock all available national players
On the Board (5)
Win a club match in Play Anyone
Raising Your Game (10)
Win 3 club matches in a row in Play Anyone
RSVP (10)
Play a match against a friend
Attested Development (10)
Advance to division 7 through online play
Passion of the Crest (10)
Unlock all 4 crests from an online challenge
Over Easy (20)
Score 3 goals in the first minute of a club match in Play Anyone
Top Flight (20)
Advance to division 1 through online play
Shoulders of Giants (30)
Beat a division 1 Player or someone who has in Play Anyone
Slump Buster (40)
Following a club loss, win a club match via a clean sheet in Play Anyone
Online Odyssey (100)
Unlock all online challenge crests
Pure Participation (5)
Complete the tutorial
Pure Premonition (10)
Save 5 penalty kicks across all modes
Pure Party (10)
Complete a match with 4 people on one team in Play mode
Pure Prowess (20)
Earn 1,000 pure points in one match in any mode
Pure Pummeling (20)
Outscore a human opponent by 1,000+ pure points in Play mode
Pure Punishment (20)
Earn 10,000 pure points in one session
Pure Posse (30)
Score with your goalkeeper in any mode
Pure Pressure (30)
Successfully perform 300 slide and step-in tackles
Pure Persistence (40)
Earn 100,000 pure points outside of campaign

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