Prince of Persia

Unlockable Classic Prince and Princess
     On the extras menu, input the following code on the skin managers
menu: 525858542

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

First Meet: 
Encounter Elika (15)

Save me please: 
Discover Save Me (15)

All the basic: 
Completing the Canyon (15)

Use Compass (first time) (15)

Beginner Healer: 
Healing 01 (30)

Master Healer: 
Last Healing (90)

Hunter's end: 
Kill Hunter in his lair (15)

Warrior's end: 
Kill Warrior in his lair (15)

Concubine's end: 
Kill Concubine in her lair (15)

Alchemist's end: 
Kill Alchemist in his lair (15)

Ahriman's end: 
Kill Ahriman (30)

Explore every part of every region (15)

Block Master: 
Blocking 50 attacks (15)

Deflect Master: 
Deflecting 20 attacks (15)

Biggest combo: 
Do 14 combo hit in fight (15)

Be gentle with her: 
Do less than 100 save-me throught the game (90)

Use a enemy to break something (15)

Against the wall: 
Win a wall mini-game in fight (15)

Race Ruined Citadel: 
Run from the Sun Temple's Fertile Ground to the Fertile Ground 
in Windmills in 5 minutes (15)

Race Observatory: 
Run from the Fertile Ground in the Construction Yards 
to the Fertile Ground in Heaven's Stair in 6 minutes (15)

Race High Castle: 
Run from the Fertile Ground in the Royal Gardens to 
the Fertile Ground in the Coronation Halls in 4 minutes (30)

Race Lava Rift: 
Go from the Fertile Ground in the Tower of Ahriman 
to the Fertile Ground in the City of Light in 7 minutes (30)

Warrior Special: 
Dodge 20 warrior attack in one fight (15)

Hunter Special: 
Deflect hunter 5 times in one fight (15)

Alchemist Special: 
Defeat the Alchemist without using the acrobatic button (15)

Concubine Special: 
Defeat the concubine without using grab (15)

Sparkles rookie: 
Collect 100 sparkles (15)

Sparkles beginner: 
Collect 200 sparkles (15)

Sparkles casual: 
Collect 300 sparkles (15)

Sparkles novice: 
Collect 400 sparkles (15)

Sparkles collector: 
Collect 500 sparkles (15)

Sparkles chief: 
Collect 600 sparkles (15)

Sparkles veteran: 
Collect 700 sparkles (15)

Sparkles expert: 
Collect 800 sparkles (15)

Sparkles hardcore: 
Collect 900 sparkles (15)

Sparkles master: 
Collect 1001 sparkles 30)

Speed and peace: 
Kill 10 generic enemies before they spawn (15)

Throw 10 generic enemies in pits (15)

Assassin View: 
Find the Assassin view (15)

Titanic view: 
Find the Titanic View (15)

500 coop jumps (15)

Precious Time: 
Take one minute to think (at the right time) (15)

Beginner Listener: 
Trigger one dialogue with Elika (15)

Good Listener: 
Trigger more dialogue with Elika (15)

Perfect Listener: 
Trigger a lot of dialogue with Elika (15)

Found the highest point in the world (15)

Find the lowest point in the world (15)

Speed Demon: 
Finish the game in less than 12 hour (15)

Gone baby gone: 
The End (90)

Combo Specialist: 
Find every combo in the game (15)

Unlockable Princess Jade Shauni Photowoman
     Complete  the game's story mode for a skin of Jade, the principal
protagonist in Beyond Good and Evil.

Unlockable Prince Altair Ibn La-Ahad
     Register  your  copy  of Prince of Persia through the extras menu
(this  ties  your  PSN/360  profile  to Now, how about that
extended warranty?

Assassins' View
     Wrapping  around the Martyr's Tower are stairs which lead to that
area's feRtiLe grounds. Midway up these stairs is a suspicious looking
beam.  Put  the  prince  dude  and the Persian princess (Ormazd is the
light  god  of  the  old  Persian faith) on that beam for this task to

Titanic View
     The Machinery Grounds' feRtiLe grounds is on a giant airship. Put
the  prince  dude and the Persian princess (Ormazd is the light god of
the  old  Persian  faith)  on  the  ship's  prow beam for this task to

Highest And Lowest Points
     To get the highest point in the game, defeat the Alchemist in his

     To get the lowest point in the game, look at the perimeter of the
tree  shrine while in the desert. Near the edge of the cliff, there is
a  small  room under the shrine's roots. Stand inside for this task to

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