Omerta: City of Gangsters

An Offer You Can't Refuse (10)
Bought out an independent business
Back In Action (10)
Bandaged an incapacitated character
Blood Red Eyes (20)
Used Rage 3 times with the same character in a single battle
Brothers in Arms (30)
Won a Cooperative multiplayer mission.
Close and Personal (10)
Won a combat encounter with 4 characters in your party wielding melee weapons
Do NOT Mess with Me! (20)
Killed an enemy with a revolver retaliation shot
Easy as One-Two (10)
Killed 2 enemies in the same turn with a pistol
Entrepreneur (20)
Owned 10 businesses at the same time
Fire in the Hole! (25)
Hit an enemy with a grenade
Firestarter (20)
Burned 3 buildings in a single mission
Go for the Eyes! (20)
Had a gang member with 20 or more Critical Chance.
Go-To Man (25)
Completed 15 Jobs in a single mission
Hard Working (15)
Completed 5 Jobs in a single mission
Home Run (15)
Damaged 2 enemies with a single bat attack
Iron Fist (15)
Gained 100 Feared Rating
It's a Trap! (15)
Damaged an enemy with a booby trap
It's Getting Crowded Here (15)
Unlocked 15 gang members
Jinxed (20)
Missed with an attack that has 95% hit chance.
Juggernaut (20)
Had a gang member with 200 or more health.
Knuckle Sandwich (20)
Hit 3 different enemies in the same turn with knuckles
Last Man Standing (30)
Won a combat encounter with three incapacitated gang members at the end
Lucky Rabbit's Foot (20)
Hit with an attack that has 5% hit chance
Marathon Runner (20)
Had a gang member with 20 or more Base Movement Points.
Meet the Gang (15)
Had a team of 6 gangsters in the campaign
Money Launderer (30)
Laundered $10,000 Dirty Money in a single mission
Nimble Fingers (20)
Had a gang member with 16 or more Base Action Points
No Place to Hide (15)
Destroyed 4 cover objects with a single shotgun attack
One Shot, One Kill (15)
Killed an enemy at full health with a single attack
Patched Up (15)
Removed 2 negative conditions with First Aid
Run, Coward! (20)
Intimidated a panicked enemy
Ruthless Efficiency (10)
Had a building at 200% efficiency
Scapegoat (20)
Framed another criminal during a police investigation
Scarface (50)
Won 25 multiplayer missions
Shooting Fish in a Barrel (20)
Hit 3 vulnerable enemies with a single Tommy Gun attack
Slice and Dice (10)
Hit an enemy with the Slice and Dice knife attacks in the same turn
Spreading the Love (20)
Hit 5 characters with an area attack
Tactician (15)
Won a combat encounter with 4 party members above 75% health
That's Got to Hurt (20)
Inflicted 100 damage or more to an enemy with a single attack
The Man with the Plan (35)
Won a combat encounter with 4 party members at full health
The Taste of Victory (30)
Won a Competitive multiplayer mission.
This Ain't Your Daddy's Gun (10)
Purchased a Unique Weapon in the Campaign
Three Birds with One Stone (10)
Killed 3 enemies with a single attack
Velvet Glove (15)
Gained 100 Liked Rating
Watch your Step! (20)
Shoved an enemy within the area of a fire bomb
Weapons Collector (30)
Purchased 13 unique Weapons in the Campaign
Weapons Dealer (15)
Stockpiled 200 Firearms

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