NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

Reward code
In the rewards menu highlight Enter Code,then input the following
3 new items
1%'er (25)
Earned a total of 1,000,000Cr.
Action Shot (15)
Took a picture of the car with all four wheels off the track.
Brainiac (20)
Answered 150 trivia questions correctly.
Challenge Complete (20)
Completed all Inside Line Highlight Challenges.
Challenger (20)
Completed an Inside Line Highlight Challenge.
Challenging (15)
Completed a Head to Head Challenge.
Champion (50)
Won the Sprint Cup in Career Mode.
Chase Champion (15)
Won the Sprint Cup in Chase Mode.
Clock Watcher (25)
Earned Gold at a Thunderlap Invitational event.
Collector (20)
Purchased everything in the Reward Store.
Consistent (25)
Won a Gauntlet Invitational event.
Contender (20)
Won a Public Online Race.
Day At The Beach (30)
Won the Daytona 500.
Director (5)
Saved a replay of a race.
Draft Dodger (15)
Drafted a total of 1000 yards in a race.
First Steps (5)
Took part in a Career or Season Race.
Gambler (25)
Ran out of fuel and coasted into pit road.
Gear Head (15)
Created a custom setup.
Hustler (25)
Won a Public Online Race after passing 5 cars on the last lap.
In The Chase (25)
Made the Chase.
Ironman (25)
Took part in 250 Public Online Races.
Lap It Up (20)
Lapped an opponent in a Public Online Race.
Last Man Standing (25)
Won an Eliminator Invitational event.
Long Road Back (20)
Won a Public Online Race after qualifying last.
Mano a Mano (25)
Won a Driver Duel Invitational event.
Maxed Out! (25)
Fully upgraded the Career Car.
Miles Away (25)
Won an Intermediate track race in Career or Season Mode.
Newbie (5)
Took part in a Public Online Race.
Pass in the Grass (20)
Won a race after overtaking on grass.
Passing The Time (15)
Flipped the Track Pass 500 times during loading.
Perfect Day (25)
Qualified in pole, led all laps, won the race.
Photo Finish (15)
Won an offline race by less than 0.02 seconds.
Polish Victory Lap (15)
Completed a victory lap driving the opposite direction around the track.
Season Champion (25)
Won the Sprint Cup in Single Season Mode.
Serious (15)
Won a race with no assists.
Shake & Bake (15)
Slingshotted to victory in the final straight.
Short & Sweet (25)
Won a Short track race in Career or Season Mode.
Slippery (25)
Completed a race without touching another car.
Snap Happy (5)
Took a picture in Photo Mode.
Speed Star (25)
Won a Superspeedway race in Career or Season Mode.
Startin' on Pole (15)
Qualified on pole in Career or Season Mode.
Taking Care Of Business (20)
Signed a sponsor to each location on the car.
The Intimidator (10)
Spun out an opponent.
The King (50)
Won the Sprint Cup in Career Mode while playing on Champion difficulty.
Too Much! (25)
Won the race after crossing the finishing line backwards.
Treat Yourself (5)
Purchased an item from the Reward Store.
Trend Setter (20)
Finished a race with the fastest lap 100 times.
Turn Right? (25)
Won a Road Course race in Career or Season Mode.
Upgrade Complete (10)
Purchased an upgrade.
Van Gogh (10)
Created a custom paint scheme.

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