MotoGP 13

A matter of point of view (10)
Race using the Helmet view
Average Mileage (30)
Ride for at least 1000 km (622 miles) in any game mode
Big in Japan (20)
Win a race as D. Pedrosa on Motegi
Black Mamba (20)
Win a race as J. Lorenzo on Mugello
Casual Player (10)
Reach a total of 60 min. of race time in valid Online Matches
Claiming Rule Team (10)
Win a MotoGP race with one of these bikes: ART, FTR, FTR Kawasaki, FTR Honda, Suter, PBM
Collector (10)
Raise your GP Level in order to unlock a team
Creature from the Lagoon (20)
Win a race as V. Rossi on Laguna Seca
Doctor Who? (90)
Complete a Championship based on the official calendar in a better position than Valentino Rossi
Factory Rider (30)
Sign a contract in Career mode with Ducati Team, Repsol Honda Team or Yamaha Factory Racing
Fashion Addict (10)
Change your rider's helmet in Rider Customization section
Globe-trotter (20)
Complete one valid race on each track in the game
Good beginning (10)
Earn 20000 fans in Career mode
Good job, son (10)
Complete a Team objective in Career mode
Hat trick (30)
Achieve a Pole Position, the Fastest Lap and win the Race on the same offline Weekend
I trust you (10)
Use the Technical Meeting in the Pit to change your bike settings
Italian Stallion (10)
Win a race on an Italian track with an Italian rider
Kentucky Kid returns (20)
Win a race as N. Hayden on Laguna Seca
La Furia Española (10)
Win a race on a Spanish track with a Spanish rider
Like Marquez (30)
Win a race starting from the last position
Local Celebrity (10)
Earn 40000 fans in Career mode
Loyal Player (20)
Reach 3 cumulative hours of race in valid Online Matches
Magic moments (10)
Enter the Replay mode for the first time
Master of Puppets (10)
Raise your GP Level in order to unlock a rider
Newcomer (10)
Reach GP Level 5
On the Top News (30)
Be featured on the "Bike Today" newspaper cover in Career mode
Online Contender (20)
Complete an Online Championship
Online Wild Card (10)
Complete an Online Grand Prix
Passionate (50)
Reach GP Level 40
Phenomenon (20)
Reach GP Level 20
Pole Position (10)
Start an offline race from the Pole Position
Professional (30)
Reach GP Level 25
Rain King (10)
Win in rainy conditions (Rain or Light Rain)
Rider or Mechanic? (10)
Enter the Bike Settings menu in the Pit
Safety First (10)
Raise your GP Level in order to unlock a helmet
Second chance (10)
Go to the track and use a rewind
Social Network (10)
Enter your Social Feeds page in Career mode
Son of Speed (30)
Reach 300 km/h (187 mph) in any game mode
Star (30)
Earn 1000000 fans in Career mode
Step by step (10)
Reach GP Level 10
Taking a bow (10)
Perform a total 2 minutes in endos
Terror VS Tornado (20)
Come in 1st and 2nd as B. Spies and C. Edwards at Austin while in the Split Screen mode
Texas Terror (20)
Win a race as B. Spies on the Circuit of the Americas
The fastest (20)
Perform the fastest lap in an offline race
The real stuff (20)
Select the Pro Physics level in Riding Aids and complete a race
Veteran (30)
Sign your first contract in MotoGP™ class in Career mode
We believe in you (10)
Sign your first contract in Career mode
Welcome! (10)
Create your first custom rider
Wild Wheelie (10)
Spend a total of 2 minutes doing wheelies
World Champion (90)
Win a Rider Championship in any class in Career mode

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