Metro: Last Light

Soldier (15)
Kill 100 Human Enemies
Antibiotic (15)
Kill 100 Mutants
Shadow (20)
Stealthily kill 15 Enemies
Inferno (10)
Set 2 Enemies on fire at once
Tesla (10)
Break 50 Lights
Edison (15)
Turn off 40 Lights without breaking them
Ever Vigilant (10)
Disarm 10 Traps
Businessman (10)
Make 100 Purchases
Walking Bank (10)
Collect 1000 Military Rounds
Musician (10)
Use all Musical Instruments in the game
First Draft (10)
Write 10 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages
Published (30)
Complete all 43 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages
Rabbit (10)
Complete training sequence
Not A Rabbit (10)
Finish the ASHES level without taking a hit
Freedom! (10)
Free the Prisoners
Clean Escape (10)
Escape the chasing Nazis on the REICH level without being caught once
Invisible Intruder (20)
Complete the Separation level without killing or raising alarm
A Present (10)
Take the Custom Pistol from the Locked Box
Invisible Savior (20)
Complete the FACILITY level without killing or raising alarm
Tortoise (10)
Make 10 Spiders flip belly-up
Mouse (10)
Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen
Patron of the Arts (10)
Watch the entire Theater Show
Within a Hair of Death (10)
Escape from the Red Line
Derailed (10)
Kill all armed enemies on the REVOLUTION level, including all reinforcements
Invisible Soldier (20)
Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm
Scram (20)
Kill all Watchmen before they reach the Railcar
Commando (15)
Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm
Soup (15)
Kill 5 Shrimp with Grenades
Reunion (10)
Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear
Diver (10)
Fall in the Swamp 10 times
Equipped (20)
Find all Equipment Stashes in the swamps
Big Momma (20)
Kill the Rhino
Savior (20)
Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it
Forgotten (15)
Find the Hidden Ammo in the abandoned part of the station on the QUARANTINE level
Nobody's Home (10)
Ignore the Phone Call in the Anomaly
Bloodlust (10)
Kill all the Reds on the THE CHASE level
Van Helsing (30)
Kill a Demon with the Helsing
Rain Man (30)
Complete the BRIDGE level without a kill
Secret (10)
Find out about the Reds' plans
Back to the Past (20)
See all Visions in the Dead City
Revenge (35)
Kill Pavel
Forest Guardian (20)
Save the Bear from the Watchmen after the fight
Revelation (25)
Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One
True Spartan (50)
Hold the Platform without dying
C'est la vie (80)
Destroy D6
Redemption (100)
Save D6
No shooting allowed (10)
Kill 10 enemies in a row with Throwing Knives
Gunslinger (15)
Kill at least one Enemy with each Weapon available in the game
Weapon Smith (15)
Install all possible Customizations for a Weapon
Shadow Ranger (70)
Complete the game without killing any Humans unless forced to

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