Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat

1,000 Issues Sold (15)
Sell 1,000 issues
A Clean Getaway (20)
Exit a panel with a full ink meter and all heroes at full health
A Jarring Defeat (10)
Complete Issue 6
A Stranger to Laser Danger (50)
Survive the laser hallway without getting hit by laser
All right squaddies... (15)
Use Hero Up!
Bare Hands Brigade (50)
Complete a panel using Wolverine, Reptil, and Hulk
Big Spender (10)
Drain two full bars of ink in a single attack
Cleanup in aisle Villainville (10)
Complete Issue 5
Costume Change (20)
Start a panel with a hero wearing an alternate costume
Double Vision (15)
Use two decoys simultaneously
Drawn to Distraction (15)
Use a decoy to distract 3 or more enemies at the same time
Eraser Dusted (15)
Use a glyph bomb to defeat 5 or more enemies at the same time
Femme Fight All (50)
Complete a panel using Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl, and Invisible Woman
Five For the Price of One (10)
Defeat 5 enemies simultaneously
Flying off the shelves! (30)
Sell 7,000 issues in a single panel
Hero Up! (30)
Use Hero Up! five times in one issue
Heroic Aerobics (30)
Use Hero Up! to defeat 6 or more enemies
Hi, there! I'm Squirrel Girl. (15)
Play as Squirrel Girl in a back Issue
Hold It (10)
Defeat an enemy using only Hold abilities
Hulk Can't Count That High! (20)
Sell 10,000 issues
Hulk...SMASH! (30)
Use Hulk to destroy 25 breakables
Light Reading (20)
Find 5 Comic Stacks
Lock Unblocker (30)
Open a Factor Lock for each factor
Loose Canon (50)
Complete a panel with all heroes in alternative costumes
Medicine is the Best Medicine (15)
Pick up a health pack when a hero is about to be defeated
Old Rivalries Revived (30)
Bring Squirrel Girl into the final fight against Doom
One Million Sales! (30)
Sell 1,000,000 issues
Point Taken (20)
Pick up 75 Hero Points in a single panel
Rock and Roll (15)
Defeat 3 or more enemies with one glyph ball roll
Saved the Sanctum (10)
Complete Issue 4
Shake, Rattle, and Destroy (20)
Use an Earthquake to defeat 5 or more enemies
Six Hexxed (15)
Hit six targets with one hex using Scarlet Witch
Stole Doom's Thunder (10)
Complete Issue 1
Summer Reading (100)
Find all the Comic Stacks
That's a Lot of Points (15)
Pick up 1,000 Hero Points
The Pen is Mightier (100)
Defeat Doctor Doom in the end boss battle
Took Back the Baxter Building (10)
Complete Issue 2
Two Birds with One Pen (10)
Use a single ink attack to defeat 2 or more enemies
Upsadaisy (20)
Revive a hero to full health
Victory in the Vault (10)
Complete Issue 3

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