Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal

     Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable:                   How to unlock:
"Arriba! Arriba! ├Бndale! ├Бndale!" (20)
                              Beat the par time for In De-Nile. 
...Where's the "kaboom"? (20) Fully max out each character's Illudium.

100 Nuts & a Squirrel! (30)   Complete chapter 9 - Wackyland.

Anyone for tennis? (20)       Beat Low Noon in local co-op play.

Aren't we gruesome? (20)      Beat The Log Ness Monster 
                              in local co-op play.
Bad old puddy-tat (20)        Find the Tweety Bird trophy. 
Combo Carnage!! (20)          Produce a level 9 combo.

Combo Loco!!! (30)            Produce a level 12 combo.

Dagnabbit! (30)               Complete chapter 3 -Wild West.

Devilishly clever (20)        Beat The Muddy Evil Forest 
                              without dying.
Eager Young Space Cadet (20)  Find the Porky Pig trophy.

Frankenbean there, done that (30)  Complete chapter 1 - 
                              Dr Frankenbeans Castle.
Gad, how do I do it? (20)     Beat Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash 
                              without dying.
Gold! Gold!! (20)             Collect 500,000 in coins.

Gold! Gold!! GOLLLLD!!! (30)  Collect 1,000,000 in coins.

Gold! I'm rich! (10)          Collect 250,000 in coins.

Great horny toads!!! (20)     Find the Yosemite Sam trophy.

Great Southern Land-mines! (30)  Complete chapter 4 - Taz World.

Heavens Below! (30)           Complete chapter 5 - A Warm Place!

Hello, Mah Baby! (20)         Find the Michigan J. Frog trophy.

Just try and top this one! (10)  Beat an Act online.

Knighty-knight! (30)          Complete chapter 2 - Camelot.

My Stars! (30)                Complete chapter 7 - Mars.

Next contestant pleaseтАж (10)  Smash 100 Enemies.

Shoot him, shoot him now! (20)  Used every weapon!

Smoke-um! (20)                Smash 200 Enemies.

Speedipus Rex (20)            Find the Road Runner trophy.

Speedy Gonzalez! (20)         Beat the par time 
                              for Scooterway Scramble!
Stupor-Duper! (20)            Finish an act with both players 
                              wearing supersuits.
Super-genius!!! (20)          Find the Wile E. Coyote trophy.

ThatтАЩs All, Folks! (80)       Complete the game

The Combo Kid! (10)           Produce a level 6 combo.

This... Means... War. (10)    Win a Battle.

Toot-and-come-in! (30)        Complete chapter 6 - Egypt.

Toot-toot! (10)               Successfully complete the Tutorial.

Up-and-Atom! (20)             Produce an atomic combo level 9 online.

Viva l'amour! Ve die togezzer. (20)  Beat Excape of Excalibur 
                              in local co-op play.
War is Heck! (30)             Complete chapter 8 - WW1.

What's Up, Doc? (20)          Finish the First Act 
                              without collecting any Health.
Wobot season! (30)            Smash 500 Enemies.

Woo-hoo-hoo Nelly! (20)       Beat Volcano Way Out without dying.

Yo-yo Atom-Smashers! (20)     Produce an atomic combo level 9 
                              in local co-op play.
You caught Bugs' `bug'! (20)  Play online with someone 
                              who has Bugs' bug.
`Slowpoke' Rodriguez (20)     Beat the par time 
                              for Whack-Tastic Robot-Bash.

Trophy List
     This  is  just  showing  all  6  trophie locations briefly. (Some
looking is required)

Michigan J. Frog Trophy: 
     In  Assembly  Line Insanity, where you see all the black knights,
before  you  trigger the switch, it is in a breakable wall on your way
to the platform.

Porky Pig Trophy: 
     In  Muddy  Evil  Forest  level,  before  you get to the Big Black
Knight,  at  end  of level, go on top of one of the houses, there is a
tree top, it's there.

Road Runner Trophy: 
     In  Pyramuddle,  go to the swinging pendulum part. go all the way
across  to  the  opposite  side of where you entered. There are boxes,
break em for trophy.

Tweetybird Trophy: 
     In  Whack  Tastic  Robo Bash, there is a door near the end of the
level,  that  has  MONSTER  written on it, the trophy is in that area,
above the door.

Wile E. Coyote Trophy: 
     At the beginning of Volcano Way Out, go up the hill until you see
the first tree on the left. fall down the ledge on the left, and it is

Yosemite Sam Trophy: 
     In  Low  Noon, where you face the first Big Cowboy guy, if you go
back, past the tracks to the right, it is on top of a house.

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