Le Tour de France 2012

125cc (15)
Ride faster than 70 km/h in a flat section.
All-rounder (15)
Win a stage of each type (Tour or One-off) with any rider of the same team.
Attack!!!!! (15)
Launch an attack from the peloton to gain a few metres lead.
Back-to-back (15)
Win 2 consecutive stages with the same rider.
Be my guest (15)
Win a quick match in multiplayer mode.
Champs Elysees (15)
Complete a Tour de France.
Demolition man (15)
Win a stage with more than 2 minutes advance on the 2nd rider.
Dream team (70)
Win the Tour de France and have a team-mate on the podium.
Enjoy the victory (15)
Use a celebration combo when you win a stage.
Experienced player (70)
Win the Tour de France with a Difficult or Expert team.
Fast & furious (15)
Win a flat stage with a gold medal sprinter.
Faster than you think (15)
Wear the green jersey for at least 1 stage with a silver or bronze sprinter.
Finally some rest (15)
Reach the first rest day (stage 10: Mâcon).
First and last (15)
Win the first and last stages of the Tour de France in Tour mode.
From nowhere (30)
Win a stage with a rider who has no medals (Tour or One-Off).
From start to finish (70)
Win the first stage and keep the yellow jersey with same rider throughout all stages of the TDF.
I live in the mountains (15)
Be the first across all Hors Category climbs during the same Tour de France.
I slipped boss! (15)
Fall off the bike while wearing the yellow jersey.
King Midas (15)
Accumulate more than 500,000 EUR during a Tour de France.
King of the mountains (15)
Win the polka-dot jersey.
King of the sprints (15)
Win the green jersey.
Like father like son (15)
Win a stage with a 30+ rider and with a -25 rider during the same Tour de France.
Master of the alliances (15)
Create 1 alliances in mode Tour de France.
Monsieur Tour de France (30)
Win at least 5 stages on the same Tour with the same rider (Tour mode only).
Moto GP (15)
Ride faster than 90 km/h.
Never alone (15)
Use all Team Comm menu options, including those only available on mode Full race.
Podium in paris (15)
Finish the Tour de France in the top 3 (Tour only).
Raise your arms (15)
Your first victory.
Rider combativeness prize (15)
Be on the first breakaway (E1) for at least 500km during the same Tour de France.
Solo taste better (15)
Win a stage with a solo breakaway (at least the last km).
Son of the cannibal (150)
Win the Yellow, Green and Polka-dot jerseys on the same edition with the same rider.
Support the pressure (15)
Wear the yellow jersey for 7 stages with an Expert level team during the same Tour de France.
The baby winner (15)
Win the white jersey (tour mode only).
The harder is still to come (15)
Reach the second rest day (stage 17: Pau).
The king of small hills (15)
Wear the KOM jersey from the end of the 2nd stage until the 1st mountain stage (Stage 11: Mâcon).
Three in a row (30)
Win 3 consecutive stages with the same rider (Tour mode).
Tour legend (70)
Win all stages (Tour or One-Off) with the same or different riders.
Training complete (15)
Complete the full tutorial.
TV time for my sponsor (15)
Maintain a solo breakaway for, at least, 20 kms.
Welcome to the club (15)
Win a Tour de France.

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