Karaoke Revolution

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
Expanding Horizons (15)
Unlock second career Disc
Great Things Ahead (20)
Unlock third career Disc
Debut Album (10)
Complete every gig on first disc
Special Edition (15)
Complete every gig on second disc
Greatest Hits (20)
Complete every gig on third disc
World Tour (30)
Complete all three discs
Big Noise at Home (10)
Earned the Career rating (Lounge Act)
Star Quality (15)
Earn the Career rating (National Celebrity)
Lifetime Achievement (50)
Earn the Career rating (Legend)
Face the Music (30)
Pass a High Risk gig without ever entering Boot state on Expert Full song.
Host with the most (5)
Sing your first song in Party Mode
Co-operative Commune (5)
Complete a Party list with all players on a single team
Nothing but a good time (5)
Complete a Party list with 4+ players
Minor Sensation (20)
Earn 100 "Sensational" Score Prizes
Complete Sensation (30)
Earn 200 "Sensational" Score Prizes
Area 51 (10)
Unlock the Area 51 Venue items and perform in front of them
Big Streaker (20)
Sing a 10 phrase "Excellent" streak
Lightning (40)
Sing a 10 phrase "Excellent" streak on Expert
Bigtime Booster (30)
Earn 6x Multiplier from a single Star Boost
Multiplier Mayhem (20)
Achieve a 20x multiplier
A New Voice (5)
Perform as a new character created from scratch
Multiplier Madness (30)
Earn a 30x multiplier
Galaxy Class (30)
Activate Star Boost 4 times in a single song
Stage Designer (5)
Perform in a venue created from scratch
Phenomenal (20)
Earn the Career rating (Phenomenal)
Didn't They Duet Well? (20)
Get a Sensational score rating on a Duet
Challengers (10)
Play ten Head-to-Head rounds.
BRAINS! (10)
Create and sing in a venue with a Zombie center piece and backdrop
Rapid Fire (10)
Perform ten Medleys.
Eclectic Dreams (40)
Perform a 5 song Medley of all different genres and score a Platinum rating
Vocal Stamina (10)
Perform a 5 song Set for the first time
Identity Crisis (10)
Perform a 5 song set of all different genres
Live and Screaming (50)
Score at least 5 million points in a single Set
Mics At Fifteen Paces (10)
Play a Head-to-Head match online
Musical Espionage (10)
Perform in a venue created by another online player - check your Venue Presets!
World, Shut Your Mouth (10)
Play a Tournament Online
Spartan (20)
Completed 300 performances
Star Booster (30)
Activate Star Boost 100 times
Seven Figure Superstar (10)
Score over a million points on a single song
Halfway to Paradise (30)
Get 50 million points cumulative across all game modes
The Road is Long (40)
Get 100 million points cumulative across all game modes
Double Album (15)
Earn 45 "Platinum" Skill Prizes
Hall of Fame (30)
Earn 90 "Platinum" Skill Prizes
Record Collector (15)
Sing every song on the disc at least once
Platinum (10)
Finish a song with over 90% accuracy
Perfection (40)
Finish a song with 100% accuracy
Hard Carbon (50)
Earn a Perfect rating on Expert
Ground Control (10)
Perform Space Oddity in Space
The Platinum 5 (10)
Earn a Platinum skill rating for a 5 song Jackson medley
Out of the Flames! (10)
Unlock every venue item in Career Mode
Unlockable Venues and Venue Items
Meet the following conditions to unlock these items for use in "Edit Venue" mode.
Angel Heart Venue Item
Complete 30 gigs in "Career Mode".
Area 51 Venue Items
Complete 55 gigs in "Career Mode".
Cityscapes Venue Backdrops
Complete 3 gigs in "Career Mode".
Flaming Biker Venue Item
Complete 90 gigs in "Career Mode".
Giant Gorilla Venue Item
Complete 80 gigs in "Career Mode".
Glowing Stairway and Fire Valley Backdrops
Complete 25 gigs in "Career Mode".
Hearts Venue Item
Complete 60 gigs in "Career Mode".
Hong Kong Venue Items
Complete 7 gigs in "Career Mode".
Leaping Tiger Venue Item
Complete 35 gigs in "Career Mode".
Liberty Venue Items
Complete 45 gigs in "Career Mode".
Music Genres Venue Items
Complete 5 gigs in "Career Mode".
Nature Venue Backdrops
Complete 70 gigs in "Career Mode".
Pirate Ship Venue Items
Complete 65 gigs in "Career Mode".
Pods Venue Item
Complete 50 gigs in "Career Mode".
Space Cruiser Venue Set
Complete 20 gigs in "Career Mode".
Stone Heads Venue Item
Complete 15 gigs in "Career Mode".
Urban Venue Backdrops
Complete 10 gigs in "Career Mode".
Zombie Venue Items
Complete 40 gigs in "Career Mode".

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