Import Tuner Challenge

     Complete   the   following   achievements  to  unlock  Xbox  Live
Gamerscore points.

Unlockable:                   How to unlock:

Beat Bloodhound (10)          Awarded for beating rival "Bloodhound" 

Beat Midnight Cinderella (10) Awarded for beating rival "Midnight 

Beat Platinum Prince (10)     Awarded for beating rival "Platinum Prince"

Beat Garnet Dawn (20)         Awarded for beating rival "Garnet Dawn" 

Beat Silent Cassiopeia (20)   Awarded for beating rival "Silent 

Beat Azure Sniper (20)        Awarded for beating rival "Azure Sniper" 

Inside C1 Time Attack (40)    Achievement unlocked by racing the C1 
                              inside within 5'00"000 in Time Attack. 

Outside C1Time Attack (40)    Achievement unlocked by racing the C1 
                              outside within 5'00"000 in Time Attack. 

Left Shinkanjo Time 
Attack (40)                   Achievement unlocked by racing 
                              the Shinkanjo counter clockwise 
                              within 6'00"000 in Time Attack. 

Right Shinkanjo Time 
Attack (40)                   Achievement unlocked by racing 
                              the Shinkanjo clockwise within 6'00"000 
                              in Time Attack. 

#3 Shibuya Time Attack (40)   Achievement unlocked by racing 
                              the Shibuya 3 within 3'30"000 
                              in Time Attack. 

#4 Shinjuku Time Attack (40)  Achievement unlocked by racing 
                              the Shinjuku 4 within 6'00"000 
                              in Time Attack. 

All left Time Attacks (40)    Achievement unlocked by racing 
                              the All counter clockwise within 
                              16'30"000 in Time Attack. 

All right Time Attacks (40)   Achievement unlocked by racing 
                              the All clockwise within 16'30"000 
                              in Time Attack. 

First Xbox Live Race (10)     Achievement unlocked by winning 
                              an Xbox Live Race. 

Win 10 Xbox Live Races (20)   Achievement unlocked by winning 10 Xbox 
                              Live Races. 

Win 50 Xbox Live Races (50)   Achievement unlocked by winning 50 Xbox 
                              Live Races. 

Win 100 Xbox Live Races (100) Achievement unlocked by winning 100 Xbox 
                              Live Races. 

Additionally, there are nine secret achievements.

Unlockable:                   How to unlock:

Skull Bullet (30)             Defeat Skull Bullet. 

Phantom 9 (50)                Defeat a Phantom9 member. 

Snake Eyes (50)               Defeat Snake Eyes. 

White Charisma (30)           Defeat White Charisma. 

Crimson Devil (30)            Defeat Crimson Devil. 

Melancholy Angel (30)         Defeat Melancholy Angel. 

D3 (30)                       Defeat D3. 

King Speed (60)               Defeat King Speed. 

??? (100)                     Defeat ??? 


Night Wanderer requirements

310 Garage Harou: Fully tuned car. 
311 Lonely Wolf: 100 Races Battles. 
312 Kamikaze Koji: Every 3 three days. 
313 Imortal Jester: Only on Wednesday amd you must have vinyl. 
322 Hopeless Home: Enter on Shibuya Entrance more than three times. 
323 Impatient Eternity: Only on Mondays. 
324 Impatient Pricess: Cannot travel more than 3 miles for the day. 
332 Ignorant Fool: Custom car. 
333 Wild Heart: 100+ wins. 
334 Lonely Wilhilist: Ariake Entrance Course in. 
335 Masked Stranger: Vertical doors. 
344 Wolf's Requiem: Unmodified car. 
345 Mosquito Lemon: Sell two cars. 
346 Iron Racer: Turn music off. 
354 Speeding Fanfare: Own three cars. 
355 Dog Ears: NA Car only. 
360 Gold License: Defeat Yellow Desperado (#317). 
361 Caffiene X 3: Appears on any day with a number "3" and your car 
    plate must be "3333". 
366 Tragic Matterhorn: Z cars only. 
367 Tomorrow Again: S Class muffler. 
371 West Shinjuku Assembler: Must add "meters" to your vehicle. 
372 Matashichi the First: Defeat "Phantom 9". 

Midnight Wanderer requirements
314 Silent Barbarian: 4 Door Luxury Sedan Only. 
315 Rolling Master: Custom Car "Rolling Guy 1". 
316 Master Position: Defeat "Cat X Cat". 
317 Yellow Desperado: Odometer less than 124 miles. 
325 Iron Triangle: Multiples of 5 must drive Mitsubishi. 
326 Shepard Nekozawa: Pass him three times. 
327 Rassbery Kiss: Carbon Fiber Hood on. 
328 Craftsman Manabe: Only on Tuesdays and have customized aero. 
336 Critical Elegy: Ride height all the way down. 
337 Jet Skater: Multiples of 4 and have Nitro. 
338 Mad Fat: 90 days or more. 
339 Ono The Technician: Battles no longer than 2 minutes overall. 
347 King Of Eden: Must drive RX-8 with less than 62 miles. 
348 Loyal Knight: Battle cars with over 621 miles on it. 
349 Gental Rain: Must have S class Body Tune. 
350 Last Flight: He likes to battle where the race is as short 
    as possible. 
356 Fleetfoot Valkyrie: Must have gone over 186 mph in a race. 
357 Death Driver: Appears on the C1 at Midnight and must read quote 
    about him in PA. 
362 Inferno Machine: Must have 10 Million CP. 
363 Waist Hakujin: Own 5 cars. 
368 Fire Storm Streamer: Normal tires. 
373 Matashichi the Second: Defeat Matashichi the First (#372). 

Daybreak Wanderer requirements
318 Tsukkomi Breaker: Must have neon and have defeated 
    "Plantinum Prince".
319 Cutie Hip: No rear spoiler. 
320 Bloody Mary: Change the horn. 
321 Shonan Affair: Only on Thursdays, must drive a Rotary. 
329 Midnight Silver Wolf: Appears every 10 days, 
    must drive a pre 90's car. 
330 Shimokitazawa 2000cc: Appears on weekends and have driven 20 miles 
    that day. 
331 Illusion B: Have customized tail lights. 
340 Tsujikiri Gambler: Appear when the sum of the day's number equals 9. 
341 Green Wild Child: Must drive a Subaru. 
342 Unbalanced Ishii: Use different type of wheels for the front 
    and rear.
343 Free Tree: Normal muffler only. 
351 Panal Bomber: Must have at least 400 hp. 
352 Crybaby: Turbo cars only. 
353 Stalking Hammer: Must have two of the same car. 
358 Speed Coaster: Must average 100 mph in a race. 
359 Jump Start Maki: No NOS. 
364 Dauntless Alexander: Must have three consecutive wins. 
    He will be near Rainbow Bridge. 
365 Speed Box: Defeat "Phantom Babe" of Top Level (#223) 
    to make him appear. 
369 Shinji The Harbinger: Steps in when "Bright Age" is in trouble. 
370 Bright Age: Must course in at least "Shibuya Line" Area for a week. 
374 Free Maebashi: Looks for "The Bone" sticker. 
375 Punchline Hiranishi: If "Free Maebashi" (#374) loses he will show up 

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