Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Cha Ching! (25)
Earn 5,000 credits.
Ding Dong (10)
Hit one buoy at every checkpoint while racing Lake Powell and still take first.
Golden Delicious (10)
Earn a gold trophy in every event in the Single Player game.
Humans Gooood (10)
Play a 4 way local Multiplayer race in which all the humans beat all the AI.
It's a Start (20)
Earn a bronze trophy or better on every track in Single Player Race Mode.
Loco For Thunder Pops (10)
Earn 100,000 credits.
Medal Master (10)
Earn a bronze trophy or better in every event in the Single Player game.
People Person (20)
Earn 10,000 credits playing online or local Multiplayer events.
Spare Change (35)
Earn 1,000 credits.
Special Delivery (5)
Collect 80 hidden packages.
Splish Splash (35)
Earn a bronze or better in any Single Player event.
Taste My Wake (10)
Take first in 10 online Multiplayer events.
Tempest Pack D.L.C. Achievements
Anchors Aweigh (20)
Jump through the hoop on top of the anchor monument in Bermuda Triangle.
Art Critic (20)
Smash 7 statues in the Atlantis Gauntlet before the timer reaches 50 seconds.
Collector (10)
Collect 110 hidden packages.
Free Coins aka "The Duck Glitch"
If you do a local multiplayer match with at least one other person (so two humans) and have all the human players select the rubber ducky this will deactivate the computer controlled boats AI and they simply sit there or putter in circles.
Avatar Awards
Hydro Thunder Hurricane T-Shirt
Receive 800 points from events.
Razorback Toy Boat
Earn 18,500 credits.
Gamer Pictures
Damn the Torpedoes Gamer Pic
Win a race
Razorback Gamer Pic
Earn 5,000 credits

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