Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout

Action Movie Star (20)
Ready your body for those action-packed sequences
Any Time, Any Place (10)
Complete a Single Workout
Beach Cruiser (30)
Pedal far enough to bike from Santa Monica to Venice Beach
Burn, Baby, Burn (10)
Burn 100 calories
Castaway Reality Show Winner (20)
Win those individual competitive challenges
Crab Walk (20)
Sidestep enough times to travel a mile sideways
Dynamo (20)
Burn 1000 calories
Exceed Your Goals (30)
Earn Target Points in an entire Complete Program
Extra Crunchy (20)
Complete all Core Exercises
Freshly Squeezed (30)
Crush enough oranges to make 25 gallons of orange juice
Getting Stronger (20)
Perform strength exercises for 75 minutes
Harley Star (30)
Earn 50000 points
Heavy Lifting (20)
Perform enough push ups to lift a school bus
Hollywood Trainee (30)
Finish a 5-week Complete Program
Inferno (30)
Burn 10000 calories
It's A Bird, It's A Plane (20)
Jump enough distance to leap over the Empire State Building
Kayaked Across Niagara Falls (20)
Row far enough to kayak across the mouth of Niagara Falls
Keep Breathing (20)
Perform 60 minutes of cardio
Limbo Leader (20)
Complete all Lower Body Exercises
Maintain Your Goals (20)
Earn Target Points for a week in a Complete Program
Martial Arts Movie Star (20)
Focus your moves to effectively defend yourself
Move That Body (30)
Perform 200 minutes of cardio
Music Video Idol (20)
Dance for multiple retakes without tiring
No Sweat (10)
Perform 5 minutes of cardio
Olympic Sprinter (20)
Strengthen your legs to run at lightning fast speed
Perfect Program (30)
Miss no days in an entire Complete Program
Perfect Week (20)
Miss no days for a week in a Complete Program
Personal Workout History (10)
View all pages in Workout Journal
Plank Champ (20)
Work your muscles while perpendicular to gravity
Prize Fighter (20)
Get the upper hand on your opponents
Push And Pull (10)
Perform strength exercises for 5 minutes
Red Carpet Body (30)
Complete 15,000 reps. Hollywood, look out!
Rep streak (10)
Perform 5 consecutive reps
Rookie (10)
Earn 1000 points
Scaled The Grand Canyon (30)
Climb high enough to scale up out of the Grand Canyon
Set Your Goals (10)
Earn Target Points in an Exercise
Single-Minded (20)
Complete all Single Workouts
Skating Gold Medalist (20)
Spin and fly across the ice surface
Star Client (40)
Finish a 10-week Complete Program
Superhero Movie Star (20)
Tone your physique in order to squeeze into that superhero outfit
Tight And Toned (30)
Perform strength exercises for 300 minutes
Total Workout (20)
Complete all Exercises
Totally Yodeling (20)
Ski down far enough to descend through the Andes Mountains
Tower Of Power (20)
Complete all Upper Body Exercises
Triathlon Champion (20)
Train your body to endure a grueling race
Veteran (20)
Earn 10000 points
Walked A Mile (20)
Step forward enough times to walk a mile
We're On Our Way (10)
Start a Complete Program

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