Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

Black/Gold Characters
Either clear both Story Mode paths for any character, or beat their Gold version in Survival.
EX Arcade/M.O.M. Mode
After unlocking all EX characters, hold LT while selecting Arcade or M.O.M. Modes.
EX Characters
Either clear one Story Mode path for any character, beat their Black version in Survival, or beat all 25 missions.
Extra Options
Clear missions 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30 in mission mode.
Gold Arcade/M.O.M. Mode
After unlocking all Gold characters, hold LB while selecting Arcade or M.O.M. Modes.
Gold EX Arcade/M.O.M. Mode
After unlocking all Gold and EX characters, hold LB+LT while selecting Arcade or M.O.M. Modes.
Guilty Gear Generations Mode (GG/GGX Modes)
Either unlock all of the Arcade Gallery illustrations, or beat all 25 missions.
Complete her Story Mode or beat 10 missions.
Complete his Story Mode or beat 5 missions.
Secret Gallery (Omake Voice Actor Interviews)
Unlocked through time release. Every few hours will unlock an interview in the following order: Jam, I-No, Order-Sol, Ky, Johnny, Slayer, and Sol.
Selecting Black/Gold Modes
Press Respect to show either Reload or Slash Colors, and hit Dust to select. Reload is for Black colors, and Slash is for Gold colors.
Selecting GG Generations Mode & EX Characters
After unlocking these modes, a "Press Start" indicator will be visible for the character that has the unlocks. Do so to open the select menu for them.
Slash and Reload Stages
Unlocked by completing certain Story Mode paths. Reload stages are automatically selectable by holding Respect over a Slash stage.
Special Illustration 10
Clear Survival Mode (reach level 1000 and defeat Gold EX Order-Sol)
Special Illustration 7
Unlock all Black & Gold colors for every character.
Special Illustration 8
Unlock all Arcade Gallery images.
Special Illustration 9
Unlock all EX Arcade Gallery images
Special Illustrations 2-6
Reach level 500 in Survival.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
A slimy magician appears (10)
Successfully executed your first throw escape.
Accident core! (10)
Even with a huge difference in health, you came from behind and won.
And to the introduction (25)
[Story] Saw all endings.
Arcade complete! (5)
[Arcade] Completed.
Butterfly and Squall (10)
[Ranked Match] First victory attained.
Chikuwa and Dumbbell (5)
You threw a chikuwa and dumbbell at your opponent.
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (5)
You made contact with an alien.
Die Hard (25)
[Survival] Classic Survival completed.
Flame Distortion (15)
[Arcade] Order Sol defeated.
Gold Order (15)
[Survival] Attained lv. 999 and defeated Gold Order Sol.
Heaven or Hell (10)
[Arcade] Completed in difficulty level MANIAC
Hello World! (5)
Game started.
Here Comes Daredevil (5)
[Survival] First intrusion occurred.
It is a machine, after all (10)
[VS CPU] Won against CPU on difficulty level MANIAC.
King of Battles (15)
[Player Match] 100 battles fought.
Ky is charging (20)
[Ranking Match] Won 10 in a row.
Medal of Billionaire (20)
[M.O.M] Order Sol defeated and completed.
Medal of Millionaire (15)
[M.O.M] Completed.
Our story has yet to come (10)
[Story] Saw one ending.
Perfectionist (30)
Got all character illustrations.
Real Friend (5)
[VS 2P] Battled offline.
Slash Star (15)
[Ranking Match] 100 battles fought.
That's some skill you have (10)
[Mission] Completed 5 mission with any character.
The goddess of defeat is finicky (10)
[Player Match] First victory attained.
There is no song. (10)
You scored your first instant kill.
Time Traveler (20)
[Survival] Selected Time Traveling skill 3 times in a row.
Travel the entire world on foot (10)
You've fought on all stages.
Trust us and play through (10)
[Training] Trained for over 10 hours.
Ultimate Double Edged Mode (30)
[Survival] Equipped skills Berserk Mode and Limit Break and completed.
You are quite skillful (15)
[Mission] Completed all missions with any character.

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