Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
...I Can Do Better (5)
Complete 20 Daily Friend Challenges
...Must Come Down. (20)
Destroy the plane with the weapons system on board while it is in flight
Actionable Intel (10)
Complete 10 Coordinated Kills
Advanced Warfighter (40)
Complete the campaign in Veteran
Anything You Can Do... (20)
Complete a Daily Friend Challenge through all return fire volleys
Armorer (35)
Spend 25 Attachment Credits with each role
Backup (5)
Complete 5 Savior Kills in Quick Matches
Battle Buddies (30)
Complete the campaign in Co-op
Blood Brother (20)
Rescue the Georgian Spec Ops
Breathing Room (20)
Destroy the second piece of enemy artillery
Call, Answered (35)
Complete all Tours of Duty
Conflict Domination (10)
Be part of a squad match where your team wins by a margin of 500 points or more
Coordinated Assault (5)
Use the Coordination System to reach an objective
Counter-Intelligence (10)
Interrupt an enemy's attempt to data hack a teammate 5 times, by killing or stunning the enemy
Cross-trained (10)
Reach Level 10 on one Rifleman, one Scout, and one Engineer character
Decoy Domination (10)
In squad matches your team completes the key objective first, five times.
Doing Work (10)
Kill 1000 enemies while in Guerrilla mode
EOD (20)
Destroy the Russian weapons transfer station
Field Tested (5)
Play 5 MP matches of each game type
Fuel for the Fire (20)
Secure the drilling ships and complete the mission
Future Soldier (50)
Complete the campaign in Elite
Good Effect on Target (10)
In Guerrilla mode, kill more than 5 enemies with an airstrike
Good Enough for Government Work (10)
Achieve a Ghost skill rating above 80% for all missions
High Speed, Low Drag (50)
Reach Level 50 on any character
High-Value Target (5)
Kill a member of the dev team, or kill someone who has
Just a Box (10)
While in Guerrilla mode, complete an infiltration sequence without being detected
Just Another Day at the Office (30)
Complete the campaign for the first time
Kitted Out (25)
Customize 1 weapon with an external attachment at every attachment point
Loose Thread (20)
Secure Gabriel Paez
Master Tactician (25)
Complete 100% of the Tactical challenges
Mod Pro (40)
Spend 50 Attachment Credits to add attachments to various guns
Mod Rookie (5)
Add an attachment to any gun
No Loose Ends (20)
Eliminate the leader of the Raven's Rock faction
Precious Cargo (20)
Secure the VIP and transfer him to the exfiltration team
Qualified (25)
Achieve a Ghost skill rating of above 90% on one mission
Quality Beats Quantity (30)
Defeat all 50 enemy waves on Guerrilla mode (any difficulty, any map)
Recon Specialist (25)
Complete 5 Intel Assists in Quick Matches
Relieved of Command (20)
Kill the general commanding the Moscow defenses
Saboteur Domination (10)
Be part of a squad match where your team takes the bomb into the enemy base in under 2 minutes
Siege Domination (10)
Be part of a squad match where your team captures the objective in under 2 minutes
Source Control (20)
Secure the VIP and transfer them to the exfiltration team
Special Election (20)
Rescue Russian President Volodin from the prison camp
Tactician (10)
Complete 50% of the Tactical challenges
Total Domination (40)
Complete all of the Domination achievements
Tour of Duty: Arctic (25)
Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each: Underground, Mill, and Alpha maps
Tour of Duty: Nigeria (25)
Win 3 MP of any game type on each: Pipeline, Market, Sand Storm, and Overpass maps
Tour of Duty: North Sea (25)
Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each: Harbor, Cargo, and Rig maps
True Ghost (10)
Get 10 consecutive kills in one Quick Match without dying
Tuned Up (25)
Customize all the internal parts of one weapon
What Goes Up... (20)
Shoot down the cargo plane
Raven Strike DLC Achievements
Clean Slate (20)
Take down all four HVTs
Dirty Work (50)
Complete all 3 maps in Raven Strike on Elite
Maximum Effort (25)
Defeat all tactical challenges in Raven Strike
Package Delivery (20)
Secure General Kozlov
Tables Turned (20)
Fight your way out of a Bodark ambush
Arctic Strike DLC Achievements
Stockade Domination (10)
Be part of a squad match where your team eliminates the enemy in under 2 minutes.
Tour of Duty: Moscow (25)
Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each: Skyline, Riot, and Evicted maps.
DLC: Khyber Strike
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Takeover Domination (10)
Be part of a squad match where your team wins by more than 100 points.
Tour of Duty: Peshawar (25)
Win 3 MP of any game type on each: Switchback, Palace, and Transit maps.

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