Forza Horizon

#WINNING! (15)
You've dominated 10 Festival Races.
...and across the line! (10)
You competed in your first race at Horizon.
A Wristed Development (20)
You received your Yellow Wristband.
All Your Race Are Belong to Us (30)
You've won every single race in the game!
Almost Famous (20)
You're the 50th most popular driver at Horizon.
Bargain Shopper (10)
You bagged yourself a nice discount.
Barn This Way (5)
You found your first barn find.
Been There, Done That! (10)
You've fully explored the Horizon Festival Loop.
Black Friday (20)
Never pay for an upgrade again!
Born Slippy (10)
You've won your first Mixed-Surface or Dirt Race.
Close Encounters (20)
You've challenged and beaten 10 festival racers on the spot.
Cruise Club (20)
You've completed 10 free roam challenges online.
Darius Who? (100)
You owned Darius Flynt and became the Horizon Festival champion.
Ding! (5)
You got to Level 5 online.
Domination! (10)
You've sent every Horizon Star packin'.
Exhibitionist (20)
You've won every Showcase Event in the game.
First! (20)
You won your first race at Horizon.
Freshly Squeezed (40)
You received your Orange Wristband.
Gettin' It Done (30)
You rocked every single Festival Event.
Going Green (25)
You received your Green Wristband.
Golden Boy (50)
You received the Golden Wristband.
Hard Driving (10)
You finished in first place on HARD? Nice.
Just Me and the XP (10)
You've reached level 25 online. Did you win a car yet?
Killer Skills (25)
You're the 10th most popular driver at Horizon.
Kudos to You (10)
You've completed 5 Sponsorship challenges.
Lawbreaker (10)
You blasted past 5 speed traps and 5 speed zones.
May The Forza Be With You (10)
You received free cars for being a loyal Forza fan!
Noob No More (20)
25 online races complete... awesome!
Notorious (30)
You're the most popular driver at Horizon.
OMG (5)
You won your first car online.
OMGWT*BBQ!? (20)
You got seriously lucky and won 5 cars online.
One to Watch (10)
You're the 200th most popular driver at Horizon.
Out of the Blue (30)
You received your Blue Wristband.
Playground Games (5)
You completed each of the Playground game types. How fun was that?
Purple Reign (45)
You received your Purple Wristband.
Racing for Pinks (35)
You received your Pink Wristband.
Rave Paint (10)
You created a paintjob and your ride is looking SWEET!
Road Trip (25)
You've driven along every road in the entire game.
Sellout (20)
20 Sponsorship Challenges? Now you're popular and rich!
Still a Noob... (10)
10 online races complete... not bad!
Stuntman (25)
You've completed every Horizon Outpost PR Stunt.
Swings and Roundabouts (20)
You've completed 3 of each Playground game types.
Take Her for a Spin! (15)
You bought a car from the Autoshow. Now take her for a spin!
The Next Big Thing (15)
You're the 100th most popular driver at Horizon.
Vendetta (20)
You've beaten a Rival time in 10 events.
You've won 10 Street Races. Ali would be proud.
Welcome to Horizon (10)
You arrived at Horizon Festival raring to go.
Wheelin' 'n Dealin' (10)
You sold something via your Storefront. KERCHING!
Win Diesel (30)
You cruised past the competition and won every Street Race.
ZOMG! (10)
You've won 3 cars online.
Prize Cars
These cars are unlocked when you beat the specified racer in a Star Showdown.
Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 (A Class)
Beat Ali Howard
Ferrari 599XX
Beat Darius Flynt
Ford F150 SVT Raptor (B Class)
Beat Ramona Cravache
Lamborghini Diablo SV (A Class)
Beat Duke Maguire
Lexus LF-A (S Class)
Beat Zaki Malik
Nissan GT-R Black Edition (S Class)
Beat Marko Bavan
Saleen S7 (R3 Class)
Beat Hailey Harper

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