Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Bowled Over (10):             Kill 10 chickens with one throw of 
                              a boulder - strike!

Defender of the Flock (15):   Complete a level featuring the nighttime 
                              predator without letting it eat any animals

Don't Fence Me In (15):       Knock over 50 fences with a cow 
                              (aggregate total)

Fertiliser (25):              Make 50 piles of poo (aggregate total)

Good Shepherd (15):           Flock 25 animals at once

King of the Skies (25):       Fly and land 75 chickens (aggregate total)

Love Bunny (10):              Use 3 love patches in 3 minutes

Lumberjack the Ripper (5):    Rip up 50 trees (aggregate total)

Make Your Mark (15):          Complete 10 crop circles (aggregate total)

Master Flocker (50):          Get a perfect abduction on all levels, 
                              singleplayer and multiplayer

The Continuous 
cartographer (5):             Play through one user-created singleplayer 
                              level and one user-created multiplayer level

Unidentified Flocking 
Object (10):                  Abduct 20 Animals (aggregate total)

Special Unlockables
     These  are obtained by completing certain things in Single Player

Blanka Ball         Get a perfect abduction on all Single Player levels

Chicken Trophy      Get at least a Bronze Medal 
                    on all Single Player levels

Cow Trophy          Get Gold Medals on all Single Player levels

Infinite Boost      Get Gold Medals on all Single Player levels

Pig Trophy          Get at least a Silver Medal 
                    on all Single Player levels

Sheep Trophy        Get a perfect abduction on all Single Player levels

Developer Hints
     Here are some hints from the developer:

* Fields slow down most animals. You want to have them march 
  on a clear path, so be creative in your destruction!
* Animals follow their loved ones where ever they go. 
  Exploit this behavior and lure the whole herd.

* The faster you herd animals to your mothership, 
  the better off you will be.

* Pits can turn your flock harvest into a lemming suicide. 
  Use bales of hay to plug up holes in your path. 
  You can also pick up and throw rocks with the tractor beam.

* Animals shy away from pits, but can be forced to commit suicide 
  if provoked enough.

* Animals herd differently. For example, cows are slower to accelerate 
  to top speed, but if they are agitated too much, 
  they will stampede instead.

* Cows are also heavy enough to bowl over some obstacles in the landscape.

* Sheep on the other hand, will shrink when dampened.

* Nocturnal predators are nasty. They will appear 
  and devour parts of your herd.

* Some stones can be toggled on and off with your depressor beam. 
  These stones will light the way forward.

* If there aren't enough animals in a level, you need to force 
  the survivors to mate. Explore the level for a love patch, 
  and let the wild sex ensue.

* Fences can bridge small gaps. Rotate them when they are still 
  in the grasp of the tractor beam.

* If you need to de-leaf a tree, use creativity and some effort.

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