Fable: The Journey

A Job for Life (10)
You destroyed a man's livelihood and smashed something up while you were at it. You're a true Hero.
Alas, Poor Nodsy! (20)
You laid to rest the spirits of a platoon of morons. They're another dimension's problem now.
B-B-Q (10)
Roast chicken is the best smell in the world. Unless you're a chicken.
Bam! (20)
There it is! You killed ten creatures with explosive barrels.
Boom-erang (10)
You killed a hobbe with his own bomb. 'Tis the sport to have the enginer hoist with his own petar.
Cartmageddon (20)
A good driver keeps their hands on the reins at all times, apart from when they're killing things.
Chicken Chaser (20)
You purchased ten upgrades. Your powers are beginning to soar. Soar like a chicken.
Don't Stop Believing (100)
You have completed your Journey. The Spire is no more, and a new dawn awaits Albion.
Epic Flail (40)
1,000 kills! That's a lot of killing. You should have a lie down. And a shower.
Fear of Flying (30)
You killed 20 enemies in midair. Flying's fine - it's landing that hurts. Also, the magic spells.
Five Billion Candle Power (10)
You burned the Corruption from three creatures with one spell. Time to break out the factor 40.
Flail (20)
You killed 500 enemies. The Grim Reaper loves round numbers.
Footloose (20)
You rescued Fergus from a spot of Hobbe bother. Your reward? Singing and beans.
For Every Chest, a Consequence (30)
You opened 15 chests. Now on to the greater mystery: Whose stuff have you been stealing?
Fore! (10)
You killed three enemies with thrown objects. Down in front!
Going Underground (20)
You made it out of Bladebarrow. Most don't.
Great Balls of Fire (10)
You killed three enemies with one Fireball. Goodness gracious.
Happy Camper (20)
You tried your hand at all camp activities. Way to go, cowboy.
Hard Shoulder (10)
You dealt with a travelling enemy by making it crash and die. Ben Hur would be proud.
Heavy Medal (20)
You earned a Bronze Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.
Hero (30)
You purchased 15 upgrades. Truly, you are a Hero.
Hobbe Juggler (10)
You juggled a hobbe. A career in the circus awaits. A pretty odd circus, admittedly.
I Used to Be an Adventurer (10)
Then I took an arrow to the horse. She's all better now, though.
If I Only Had a Brain (30)
You whiled away the hours, conferring with the flowers. And exploding scarecrows' heads.
In the Palm of Your Hand (20)
The power of the gauntlets is now yours, but so is their burden.
Long Sustained Attacks (30)
You fully upgraded one of your spells. You'll be able to bring down anything now.
Medal Gear Solid (60)
You earned a Gold Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.
Mind over Matter (20)
The Temptress is no more. Or was it all just a dream?
Mind Your Manas (20)
You dished out a veritable smorgasbord of spell power. Delicious.
No Claims Bonus (20)
You completed The Last Stand without taking any damage.
Off the Chain (20)
You achieved a kill chain of 40 during Arcade Mode.
Off the Menu (20)
The Devourer has been defeated, and Fergus is at rest. There's no turning back now, Hero.
Pedal to the Medal (40)
You earned a Silver Medal in every Arcade Mode challenge.
Pest Control (10)
Ten stingers in five seconds. How long for the other 600,000?
Pimp My Cart (5)
Yo Gabe, we heard you like Heroes so we hung a Hero from your cart so you can Hero while you Hero.
Reflectology (20)
You killed 15 enemies with their own attacks. Reflect on your progress, and feel proud.
Return of the Black Knight (10)
You dismantled a hollow man. It's just a (rotting) flesh-wound!
Roadkill (10)
You ran down an enemy with your cart. Consider investing in a plough.
Saved by the Sun (20)
You escaped the Devourer... for now.
Shardly a Problem (10)
You cast Shards with utmost precision. For your next trick, spear an apple off Seren's head.
Shoo! (20)
You made it to the barn and saw off the White Balverine (with a little help from your friends).
Sparrow (10)
You purchased five upgrades. Your Journey has begun.
Test Your Medal (10)
You earned your first Medal in Arcade Mode.
The Long Road Home (20)
You finally caught up with Katlan. It's you who's needed at the front of the convoy now.
The Open Road (20)
Your story has begun, but where will the road lead you?
The Whites of Their Eyes (10)
You got cosy with a balverine. You must have nerves of steel -- and no working olfactory system.
Toasty (10)
Burning through the sky at 200 degrees. That's why they call him Mr. Pushed-in-the-Lava.
Trollololol (20)
You emerged unscathed from a troll fight. Problem?
Wheeee! (5)
You thrust your arms in the air during the minecart ride. Souvenir photo available in the gift shop.
Why the Long Face? (10)
You healed ten wounds on Seren. If she walked into a bar and bruised herself, you'd heal that too.

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