Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Advanced Dungeon Fighter (40)
By reaching level 10, you've proven your worth in salt and advanced your reputation.
Double the damage (20)
That dungeon didn't stand a chance against your online party.
Dungeon Fighters unite! (20)
Three classic Dungeon Fighters have teamed up to do what they do best: clear dungeons!
Hit 'em up (10)
Residents of Hendon Myre now refer to you as Destruction Fighter.
I am a blacksmith (20)
Yep, you've got a knack for crafting.
King of Combos (10)
You make hit combos look easy. Way to rack up 20!
Legacy digger (10)
Now that you've obtained 5 legacy items, it's time you leave your own legacy.
Make the old new again (20)
Prudent choice, disassembling that. Let's hope the pieces are worth more than the whole.
Merchant of Hendon Myre (20)
Trading is a refined art, and you're already quite good at it.
Reinforce the message (20)
What a spiffy reinforcement! Don't be afraid to do it again.
Requiem for a Goblin (20)
You've laid legions of Goblins to rest - this is the stuff legends are made of!
Road plow (20)
King's Road is clear, thanks to you!
Skilled for the kill (20)
What an impressive array of skills! All the better for fighting.
The dawn of a Dungeon Fighter (40)
You've completed the first quest and earned the right to be called Dungeon Fighter.
The final shutdown (10)
Whew! Your online party won the battle against the clock and monsters!
The tale from start to end (20)
Ah, doesn't knowing the ending bring closure to this epic adventure?
They shall sing of your valor (20)
The residents of Hendon Myre and Elvengard will never forget that you completed all their tasks.
To the Nines! (10)
You're well outfitted for any onslaught now.
Top of the class (10)
Congratulations on reaching the highest rank!
Ultimate Dungeon Fighter (40)
You've climbed the dungeon ladder to level 20. Monsters should quake in your sight.
Avatar Awards
Goblin Mask
Complete your First Quest.
Slayer Bracelet
Reach Level 20.
Slayer T-Shirt
Clear the final dungeon in under 45 minutes with two or more players in your online party.

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