Divinity 2: Ego Draconis

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
A Dragon Stone's Throw Away (5)
Use the Dragon Stone.
Adrift (30)
You have found Michael's raft.
All Aboard! (25)
You finished Farglow. Happy hunting!
Bounty Hunter (100)
Bring to justice all of Rivellon's most wanted criminals.
Bunny Bagger (30)
You have killed the Killer Bunny.
Castle Crasher (80)
You have destroyed all of Damian's Flying Fortresses.
Cave In (25)
You have found Adah and Mahalath's secret cave.
Chicken Out (25)
Kill Casper.
Dim Lights, Dark City (25)
You have discovered Aleroth.
Divinity (40)
Reach an epic level.
Dragon Ho! (25)
You have found a true Dragon the Patriarch.
Dragon Knight (99)
Finish the game.
Enchanté (5)
Enchant an item.
Family Fortune (30)
You have read the mind of the three Gremory siblings.
Gaining Power (5)
Level up once.
Hold the Key (15)
You have obtained the key to the Maxos Temple.
Lovis Lore-Master (25)
You correctly answered all of the questions about Lord Lovis.
Master Brewer (5)
Create a Potion.
Mater Studiorum (5)
Make use of your skills trainer.
Mirror, Mirror (5)
Make use of an illusionist's services.
Off the Leash (5)
Summon your creature.
On the Run (5)
Send one of your runners on a mission.
Past the Gates (25)
You have reached the Hall of Echoes.
Path of the Pious (25)
You have gained entry to the Maxos Temple.
Peeping Tom (5)
Read someone's mind.
Pillar of Strength (100)
Upgrade all your Battle Tower platforms to their maximal potential.
Prince Charming (5)
Charm an item.
Saint or Satan (20)
You have shown you are either utterly good or evil in Bellegar's cave.
Shape of the Dragon (5)
Morph into a Dragon.
She Never Saw It Coming (25)
Scare away the fortune teller.
Shielded (25)
You have obtained the shield that will protect you in the Hall of Echoes.
Shop Till You Drop (5)
Trade with someone.
Spell-Struck (25)
You have found the spell that will reveal the Hall of Echoes.
The Damned One (10)
You met Damian.
The Dragon Roars (25)
You have destroyed Damian's armada and successfully protected your Battle Tower.
The Feral Fjords (10)
You have discovered the Orobas Fjords.
The Great Escape (20)
You have made it out of the Maxos Temple.
The Maxos Baedeker (20)
You have found the book that will lead you to the Hall of Echoes.
The Sigil, the Seal (25)
You have found the seal that will open the gate to the Hall of Echoes.
Turn a Blind Eye (10)
Cure blindness.
You're Going to Die, Charlie (1)
You have killed Charlie the goblin.

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