DiRT Showdown

AllStar (15)
You achieved a podium in the AllStar final
Balletic (10)
You completed a clean Head 2 Head run
Beat it! (20)
You took on and beat a friend's Challenge
Bi-Winning (10)
You completed a Splitscreen event
Bronze! (20)
You completed the Showdown Tour with at least a Bronze in each event
Burst the Bubble (10)
You were in 1st at each Elimination period
Champion (15)
You achieved a podium in the Champion final
Checkpoint King (30)
You won a Speed Skirmish event
Comeback King (10)
You pulled it together and pulled the opposition apart to achieve a podium in the Showdown Tour
Crash-Bang-Wallop - What a Video (10)
You viewed a Crashback replay
Daredevil (30)
You completed 100% of the Battersea Compound Missions
Demolition! (10)
You wrecked your first opponent in Rampage
Dock Worker (20)
You completed 50% of the Yokohama Compound Missions
Don't Push Me (10)
You got the First Blood bonus
Ego Boost (10)
You won a Race-Off event without boosting
GOLD! (100)
You completed the Showdown Tour and won Gold in each event
Gonna Need a Bigger Garage (10)
You own 15 vehicles
Hard Charger (10)
You used all your boost in one go and kept out of trouble
Hitman (20)
You achieved all hit types in Rampage events
Hoonigan (50)
You completed all Joyride Missions
Hoonzilla (30)
You completed 100% of the Yokohama Compound Missions
Household Name (10)
You reached Fanbase Level 10 Online
Huntsman (10)
You came 1st in a Smash Hunter event
Jack of All Trades (10)
You completed a Race-Off, Rampage and Head 2 Head event
Legend (30)
You achieved a podium in the Legend final
London Calling (20)
You completed 50% of the Battersea Compound Missions
Loot Carrier (20)
You kept hold of the Loot for 2 minutes in Smash & Grab
Max Power (50)
You fully upgraded all your vehicles
Mixed Grill (10)
You pulled off an Insane T-Bone
Mmmm Donuts! (20)
You completed the Donut King mission in the Yokohama Construction Site area
Money Maker (20)
You earned a total of $1,000,000
No Turning Back (10)
You sent a Challenge to a friend
Pro (10)
You achieved a podium in the Pro final
Rising Star (30)
You reached Fanbase Level 20 Online
Running the Show (30)
You dominated a friend in Challenge mode
Rust in Pieces (20)
You wrecked 20 vehicles in the Lafayette Eulogy
Showdown Haulage Co. (20)
You dropped the Flag off 5 times in a Transporter event
Showdown Showroom (20)
You own all vehicles
Showdown Superstar (50)
You reached Fanbase Level 30 Online
Showdown Tour (10)
You completed a Showdown Tour event in each location
Silver! (20)
You completed the Showdown Tour with at least a Silver in each event
Stylin' and Profilin' (20)
You scored 300,000 points in a Trick Rush event in the Showdown Tour
Survivor (20)
You survived for 2 minutes or more in Hard Target
Team Awesome (15)
You won an Online event as part of a team
Treasure Hunter (15)
You collected all 100 Hidden Packages
Welcome to the Show (10)
You completed your first Showdown Tour event
Wrecker (20)
You achieved a 5x Wrecking Streak in Rampage
You've Created a Monster (20)
You fully upgraded a vehicle
Zero to Hero (10)
You Dominated the track on the final lap

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