Dead Rising 2

Apprentice Rising (20)
Reach level 25.
Bartender (20)
Mix a drink.
Better With a Friend (20)
Solve all case files in Co-op.
Big Spender (20)
Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City.
Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? (20)
Change into all the clothes in the game.
Clean Record (20)
Complete The Facts.
Come on! Follow me! (20)
Escort 8 survivors at once.
Curiously Inventive (20)
Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.
Custom Finish (20)
Give your bike a custom paint job.
Data Miner (20)
Fill all entries in the notebook.
Death From Afar (20)
Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie.
Don't you die on me! (20)
Revive another player in Co-op.
Duct Tape FTW (20)
Create all combo weapons.
Explosive Temper (20)
Use every type of explosive on a zombie.
Fashion Aficionado (20)
Change into 10 different pieces of clothing.
Father of the Month (20)
Give Katey a gift.
Father of the Year (20)
Give Katey every possible gift.
Finally Full (20)
Eat all types of food in the game.
Full Deck (20)
Collect all combo cards.
Half Deck (20)
Collect 25 combo cards.
Having A Gas (20)
Kill 1,000 "special" zombies.
He hasn't covered wars... (20)
Use every type of firearm on a zombie.
Head Trauma (20)
Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.
Hero of Fortune City (20)
Save 50 survivors.
Improper Behavior (20)
Spraypaint all Zombrex posters.
Judge, Jury and Executioner (20)
Defeat 10 psychopaths.
Justice Served (20)
Complete Overtime Mode.
Life Saver (20)
Collect all survivor combo cards.
Look at all that juice! (20)
Create and consume all mixed drinks in the game.
Masquerade (20)
Have 10 zombies with masks on at once.
Needs more chainsaw (20)
Create a combo weapon.
Professional Rising (20)
Reach level 50.
Rising Star (20)
Come in first place in a single TIR event.
Saving the Day (20)
Save 10 survivors.
Slaughter - S = Laughter! (20)
Use every type of novelty weapon on a zombie.
Smashy (20)
Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move.
Stick 'em up (20)
Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects!
Tape it Or DIE! (20)
Discovered The Secret Combo Card. Did You Cheat By Checking Online?
The Skill To Survive (20)
Tame Snowflake.
TK's Favorite (20)
Play and win in all 9 TIR events.
Tough Guy (20)
Collect all combo cards from psychopaths.
Vigilante Justice (20)
Defeat 5 psychopaths.
Win Big! (20)
Finish in first place in a TIR episode.
Window Shopper (20)
Enter all the stores in the game.
Wrong kind of "Chopper" (20)
Kill 1,000 zombies while riding a motorcycle.
Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder (20)
Kill 53,596 zombies.
Zombie Destruction (20)
Kill 5,000 zombies.
Zombie Fu (20)
Kill 1,000 zombies barehanded.
Zombie Genocide Master (20)
Kill 72,000 zombies.
Zombie Slaughter (20)
Kill 500 zombies.
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Achievements
A bigger taste... (20)
Build all available combo weapons.
A Taste of Things to Come (10)
Build a combo weapon.
Chop Shop (20)
Defeat Jed the Mechanic.
Clueless No More (10)
Purchase a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner.
Locksmith (20)
Unlock all the doors in Still Creek.
Part Way There (10)
Find and return a bike part.
Ready to Ride (20)
Rebuild the bike.
Small Town, Deep Pockets (20)
Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop.
Still Creek Savior (20)
Save all the survivors in Still Creek.
We Ride To Fortune City! (20)
Escape Still Creek with Katey.
Zombie Exterminator (20)
Kill 1,000 zombies.
Zombie Hunter (10)
Kill 100 zombies.
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero: Easy $1500 on a slot machine
In the casino, there is a slot machine with a cow on it, put in $100 dollars to gamble and you will always win the first 5 times
Dead Rising 2: Case West Achievements
Amateur Photography (10)
You took your first picture. Ain't it pretty.
Double the Fun (20)
You completed Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST with a co-op friend. Must be nice to have a friend.
Fantastic (20)
You completed Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST. Frank West would be proud.
Handy Man (20)
You created all the new combo weapons in Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST. Duct tape, to the max!
Petty Vandal (20)
You destroyed all security cameras in a single playthrough. Lights out for Phenotrans.
Phenotrans Bubble Burster (10)
You killed 10 Zombie Handlers. Looks like they couldn't handle you.
Phenotrans Nuisance (10)
You killed 20 Security Guards. What did they ever do to you?
Phenotrans Sabotage (10)
You killed 5 Hazard Units. Looks like working there was hazardous to their health.
Professional Photography (20)
You took a picture of all the PP Stickers. You've got a good eye.
Savior (20)
You saved all survivors in a single playthrough. Really? Even after all Phenotrans did to you.
Ultimate Power! (20)
You got to level 50. Can you feel the power?
Zombie Hunter (20)
You killed 1000 zombies. Is that it?
Suit of Armor
To get the Suit of armor from Ghouls 'n Ghosts you must gather all 4 pieces. When you where all 4 pieces at once your health is doubled, and just like in Ghouls 'n Ghosts as you take damage the armor chips away leaving you in nothing but your underwear.
Full Beard Moustache
In the back of the store "Moe's Migitations" in Royal Flush Plaza.
Knight Armor
Complete the game with the "S" ending.
Knight Boots
Buy at the Pawnshop in the Platinum Strip.
Knight Helmet Eliminate Jack in Strip Poker in the Ante Up side mission
Eliminate Jack in Strip Poker in the Ante Up side mission.
Skip the entire opening sequence of gameplay on a NG+
Quite simply, if you skip the opening cinematic, you will also skip the Terror Is Reality gameplay section and the subsequent gameplay section all the way up to arriving at the emergency bunker.
Unlockable clothing
Apart from the knight pieces, these are some other unlockable clothing that are available in the safe-house closet after completing certain requirements.
Champion's Jacket
Win a TIR episode (be the overall top player by the end)
Kill 10 psychopaths
Hockey Mask
Use every melee weapon on zombies
Tattered Clothes
Kill 1,000 zombies using hand to hand
TIR Helmet
Earn $1,000,000 in TIR Online
TIR Outfit
Earn $5,000,000 in TIR Online
Waitress Oufit, Bowling Shirt, Hunting Jacket, and Overalls
Start a game by importing a Case Zero file
Willemette Mall Costume
Rescue 50 survivors
Easy Money Grinding
At any time in the game after you first make it to the safe house and save your game, go to "quit game" and restart the story. After this DO NOT PRESS START TO SKIP THE CUT-SCENE. This will allow you do do the opening "Slicecycles" sequence again and gain $10,000 for coming in 1st place. This process can be done as many times as you'd like
Ending requirements
There are 6 different endings in all, depending on how far you advance whether or not Katey gets her daily Zombex medicine.
Ending A
Do all cases and give Katey Zombrex every time but do not give TK Zombrex before completing The Facts.
Ending B
Give Katey Zombrex every time, starting from case 6-2, let the time pass by until it is 7AM on September 29; do not complete The Facts.
Ending C
Do not do the cases while Giving Katey Zombrex every time. Be in the safehouse before the military arrives.
Ending D
Be outside the safehouse by the time the military arrives.
Ending F
Do not give Katey Zombrex and be in the safehouse by the time the military arrives.
Ending S (True ending)
Do all cases and give Katey Zombrex every time, give TK Zombrex before completing The Facts.
Magazine Duplication
To do this you need at least one other player. Start up a save and grab a magazine you would like to duplicate. Now have your other player do the same in their own game. Both save the game. Player B joins Player A and drops the magazine and leaves the game. Player A saves the game. Now Player A has two copies of the magazine! You can do this over and over again to get up to twelve of the same type. So, if you have 12 bargaining magazines the price at pawnshops drop 120%! Or you could get 12 driving books and have your SUV indestructible!

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