Avatar Awards
Deadlight Ribs T-Shirt
Finish the Game.
Handy Hat
Reach the highway billboard.
Yummy Hat
Discover 100% of the game.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Another one bites the dust (10)
Perform a combo on an enemy
Come Sail Away (5)
Make it to the end
Don't Lose Your Head (15)
Kill an enemy with a single melee attack
Flirtin with Disaster (10)
Tackle an enemy
Forget Me Nots (25)
Find all of Randall's memories
Go back to hell (10)
Execute an enemy
Goodbye stranger (10)
Push a zombie over a railing
Holding out for a Hero (5)
Reunite with Stella
I Ran (So Far Away) (5)
Escape from the warehouse
I want it all (30)
Get 100% of Deadlight
In the Army Now (5)
Get to the military control
Invisible Touch (20)
Beat the high score in Madness Mansion
Is there anybody there? (15)
Finish Randall's dream
Jump (15)
Roll to avoid lethal fall damage
Knockin' on Heaven's Door (10)
Tackle a door
Land Down Under (5)
Follow the Ratman to his den
Lay your hands on me (10)
Survive a close encounter
Lazing on a Sunday afternoon (5)
Face someone from Randall's past in the Park
Let there be rock! (20)
Beat the high score in Raven Thunder's Rock Legend
Never Gonna Give You Up (5)
Find Parker in the hockey arena
No Pain, No Gain (20)
Beat the high score in Sport Daisy
Pickin' Up Strangers (20)
Find all the IDs
Rust in peace (15)
Perform a headshot
Spreading the disease (10)
Get infected by a friend on the leaderboards
Tainted love (25)
Finish Randall's flashback
Under pressure (15)
Finish Randall's nightmare
Wanted Dead or Alive (15)
Reload the revolver really fast
Welcome to the Jungle (5)
Reach the junkyard
What You Need (15)
Find the first health expander
What's on your mind (25)
Find a page of Randall's journal

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