Dante's Inferno

Abandon All Hope (15 points)
Break through the Gates of Hell
Bad Nanny (10 points)
Kill 20 Unbaptized Babies
Betrayed with a Kiss (10 points)
Find 20 pieces of silver
Bitter Sweet (50 points)
Bitter Sweet (50 points)-
Brotherhood (40 points)
Defeat Francesco
Burning Eyes (10 points)
Send Charon back into the abyss
Confessional (10 points)
Kill 5 Heretics
Countermeasures (10 points)
Kill 20 enemies using a counter move
Dark Relics (20 points)
Find all Unholy relics
Death's Apprentice (30 points)
Reach Unholy Level 7
Demon Slayer (10 points)
Kill 30 Demons
Find 20 pieces of silver
Find All 30 pieces of silver
Footsteps of a Traitor (10 points)
Find 10 pieces of silver
Forbidden Love (20 points)
Find and absolve both Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta
Gates of Dis (35 points)
Enter the lower circles of The Inferno
Gates of Hell (60 points)
Defeat all enemy waves in the Gates of Hell Arena
Give Me Strength (10 points)
Open 20 Health fountains
Holy Man (30 points)
Max out the Holy path
Holy Warrior (10 points)
Kill 30 Minions
Indigestion (10 points)
Kill 5 Gluttons
Light in the Dark (30 points)
Reach Holy Level 7
Light Relics (20 points)
Find all Holy relics
Like Father Like Son (25 points)
Defeat Alighiero
Lovers Torn Asunder (25 points)
Defeat Marc Antony
Lucifer's Match (100 points)
Defeat the Emperor of the Woeful Realm
Man of Evil (30 points)
Max out the Unholy path
Masterpiece (10 points)
Perform a 200 hit combo
Old Friend (20 points)
Find and absolve Brunetto Latini
Poetry in Motion (20 points)
Perform a 666 hit combo
Power of the Cross (20 points)
Find all 3 Beatrice stones
Precious (10 points)
Find a Beatrice stone
Relic Hunter (10 points)
Find a relic
Sentence the Judge (25 points)
Defeat King Minos
Slaughter at Acre (5 points)
Fight against the prisoner at Acre
Sorcerer's Apprentice (10 points)
Open 20 Mana fountains
Soul Reaper (50 points)
Collect 60,000 Souls
Superstition (10 points)
Kill 20 enemies using magic
The Damned (50 points)
Punish or absolve all 27 shades of The Inferno
The Great Worm (25 points)
Defeat Cerberus
The Guide (40 points)
Collect all Virgil commentaries
The Harrowing (35 points)
Escape Heresy
Warming Up (10 points)
Perform a 50 hit combo
Dark Forest DLC Achievements
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
Clear Path Not Lost (20)
Complete the Dark Forest without getting lost once
Dark Forest (20)
Complete the Dark Forest on any difficulty
Trials of St. Lucia DLC Achievements
A Star is Born (5)
Receive a vote of at least 4-stars on any of your uploaded Trials
Creationism (5)
Upload a Single Player Dante Gold Trial
Do me a favor (10)
Add 10 Trials to Your Favorites
It's in the Trial (30)
Beat 25 different single player and 15 different two-player EA trials
Lucy I'm Home (5)
Upload a 2P Lucia & Dante Platinum Trial
Play Me! (40)
Earn 100 Bronze Medals and 75 Silver Medals Playing Community Trials
The Critic (15)
Rate Any 100 Trials
Well Played (60)
Earn 50 Gold and 25 Platinum Medals Playing Community Trials
You're a Player (30)
Earn a Player Score of 100,000
You're the best around! (50)
Earn a Player Score of 250,000
Unlock Gates of Hell, New Game Plus and Dante's Crusader Costume
Complete the game the game to unlock both the Gates of Hell mode, New Game Plus and Dante's Crusader Costume. Gates of Hell is a survival mode where you're pitted against waves of enemies and have to kill all before time runs out (or you die). New Game Plus (called Resurrection Mode in-game) allows you to restart the game with all your souls, skills and relics carried over from your previous game.
Dante's Crusader Costume
Complete the game and start a new game (or Resurrection Mode game), you'll be prompted to choose the costume before the game begins
Gates of Hell Survival Mode
Complete the game and it'll be selectable from the Main Menu
New Game Plus (Resurrection Mode)
Complete the game
Making the Baby Feature
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Making the Baby Feature
Making the Baby Feature
Beat the game on any difficulty.
Unlock Infernal Difficulty
Beat the game once on any other difficulty.
Infernal Difficulty
Beat the game on any other difficulty.

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