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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Culdcept SAGA

Автор: xXxMrThornexXx
Simplicity is often a policy that can make or break a game today. Culdcept has a good back-story, though its not really delved into in the game, it seems a world full of possibilities. Gameplay is smooth, AI can be dumb at times, but can also surprise you when you least expect it with some interesting card combo's. It's pace is well enough and what it lacks in flashy graphics it makes up for with "more play for the buck" replay value is through the roof. If you enjoy board games or just card battle games, this is a great game at a great price. If you're hung up on action and graphics, but interested in a way to burn 5 or 6 hours in what seems like minutes, give it a rent.

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