Cave, The

Creamed Corn (10)
Saw every Can of Corn in The Cave destroyed.
Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies (15)
Got a Xavetar fortune for every character. (Player 1 only)
Embrace Impermanence (10)
Got the bridge inside the temple to collapse.
Fire In The Hole (10)
All three characters killed by one Miner's dynamite.
Hazardous Work Environment (10)
Saw someone slip off a ledge in the Missile Silo.
Remorse (5)
Saw a postcard returned to the Gift Shop.
Royal Buffet (10)
Spied a King, eaten by a Dragon.
Shoplifting (5)
Saw a postcard stolen from the Gift Shop.
Smells Like Team Spirit (10)
Made all three characters smell like a dinosaur at once.
Such Bad Children (10)
Watched Mummy and Daddy's furniture get broken all to bits.
The Whole Story (40)
Unlocked all Cave Paintings. (Player 1 only)
To Soothe A Savage Beast (10)
Recorded and played back the elevator music from the Zoo food court.
Walk Like An Adventurer (10)
Pantomimed an ancient hieroglyph.
Weight of the Beast (10)
Got the Weight Guess scale to read 666.
Well Done (10)
Witnessed a hot dog cooked with the monster's breath.
What You Always Wanted (25)
Reached the bottom of The Cave.
Who Wants to Live Forever (40)
Got everyone out of The Cave without dying once.
Win-win-win-win-win-win-win (40)
Took all characters to the bottom of The Cave. (Player 1 only)

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