Call of Juarez: The Cartel

Did you see that? (15)
Destroy 5 helicopters. (Campaign)
Dental Plan (10)
Kill at least 10 enemies with a weapon melee attack.
Berserker (20)
Kill at least 3 enemies in a row while being severely wounded.
Bad guy (20)
Kill at least 40 enemies during Gang Bang mission.
None of their business (10)
Successfully finish two Secret Agendas.
Alamo! (10)
Enter 10 rooms using Team Entry.
Protect and serve (10)
Don’t kill any of the civilians on the marketplace during Juan’s chase.
F.R.A.G.S (10)
Kill 10 enemies using grenades.
Chain reaction (10)
Kill at least 20 enemies by exploding nearby vehicles.
High Noon (20)
Kill at least 3 enemies between 12.00-12.05 local time.
SloMo (20)
Kill at least 4 enemies during a single Concentration Mode.
Deadly Ballet (20)
In a three-player co-op game, make sure everyone scores at least one kill during Team Entry.
Guns. Lots of guns. (10)
Use 10 different weapons to kill enemies.
Tomb Raider (30)
Go through cemetery in less than 3 minutes.
Spy vs. Spy (20)
In cooperative mode, prevent 10 attempts of picking up secret items.
Peeper (10)
On the Disco level, watch dancers for at least 30 seconds.
Interagency Task Force (20)
Play through one entire mission with two other live players.
Raining Bullets (10)
Shoot over 1000 bullets during the Ghost Town level.
Highway Patrol (20)
Drive any type of a vehicle for more than 20 miles total.
Bullet dodger (15)
During highway chase on Disco level successfully avoid all rockets.
Nail’d it! (15)
Finish the downhill car chase on Plantation level without damaging car too much.
Eh...what's up, doc? (10)
In cooperative mode, revive wounded players 5 times.
Magpie (15)
Collect at least 75% of secret items on any level, without being caught.
Dirty cop (15)
Successfully pick up 15 secret items.
Armorer (15)
Unlock at least 10 new weapons in the campaign mode.
Been there, done that (30)
Play at least one full round on all maps in competitive mode.
Little Bighorn (15)
Win at least one game in competitive mode.
Level 21 (40)
Unlock all weapons in the campaign mode.
Police, everybody down! (25)
Complete the game playing as Ben McCall.
FBI! Don’t move! (25)
Complete the game playing as Kim Evans.
Good Cop, Bad Cop & The Ugly (50)
Complete the campaign mode playing all 3 different characters.
DEA, keep your hands up! (25)
Complete the game playing as Eddie Guerra.
Police Academy (10)
Finish the first level.
Clean shot (50)
Complete the campaign mode without killing any civilian.
Time is on my side (30)
Kill 50 enemies while having Concentration Mode active.
Texas Ranger (25)
Disable 20 enemies with your bare fists.
Drive-by (30)
While riding in a car, shoot 50 enemies.
Heat (10)
Destroy 20 cars.
Move! Moving! (20)
Kill 30 enemies by using the Team Cover technique.
Rio Bravo (30)
Kill 100 enemies using revolvers.
Do you feel lucky, punk? (100)
Complete the campaign mode on hard difficulty.
Driving lessons (10)
Kill at least 10 enemies by ramming them with a vehicle.
Gunslinger (10)
Kill 20 enemies using dual-wielded firearms.
Brain Surgery (25)
Kill 50 enemies with headshots.

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