Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013

Abyss (15)
Hunted 20 animals by opening the trapdoor in the Trap Door Maneater level in single player.
Adrenaline Junkie (15)
Hunted 5 predators in less than 5 seconds in single player.
Always Fresh (15)
Didn't empty the whole stamina bar during one Story Mode level.
Ambulance-man (10)
Picked up 50 health packs in Story Mode.
Booom! (15)
In Maneater single player, blew up 10 TNT crates.
Brave or Crazy? (30)
Used only a pistol to hunt a hippopotamus in the Keep Moving Story Mode level.
Bullet-man (10)
Picked up 500 rounds of any ammunition in Story Mode.
Collector (50)
Picked up all Collectibles in Story Mode.
Combo Wizard (30)
In Single Player Arcade Plus, kept the 2x Damage Hunter Award from the first checkpoint to the end.
Dare-devil (20)
Took all the dangerous paths in all Arcade Plus levels in single player.
Dodge This (10)
Dodged an animal attack 30 times in Story Mode.
Double Fun (15)
Hunted 25 elite animals with the double barrel shotgun in single player Maneater levels.
Eagle Eye (10)
Hunted a bird or bat using a crossbow in any Story Mode level.
Eater of Maneaters (60)
Passed all Maneater levels in single player.
Flawless Victory (30)
Finished any Shooting Gallery level without losing any health in single player.
Gallery Addict (60)
Passed all Reflex and Arcade Plus Shooting Gallery levels in single player.
Got Your Back (15)
In Maneater single player, protected an injured friend so that no predator attacked them.
Gunsmith (20)
Found special ammunition for all firearms in Story Mode.
Hair Away from Death (15)
With less than 5% health, hunted an attacking predator less than 2 meters away in single player.
Heavy Breather (15)
Shot 25 predators while holding your breath in Story Mode.
Hunter of Hunters (15)
Shot all predators that you encounter in any Shooting Gallery level in single player.
Hunter's Quality (10)
Shot 50 animals using Killer Instinct in Story Mode.
In Father's Memory (30)
Hunted 10 different hidden Big Game trophy animals in Story Mode.
Just Like a Pro (50)
Completed the Story Mode without dying once or restarting checkpoints.
Locked and Loaded (15)
In Maneater single player, collected 25 special ammunition boxes (repeated play needed).
Newton's Apple (15)
Hunted a predator while it is in a tree in any Story Mode level.
Now We're Even (30)
During a co-op Shooting Gallery, scored within 3500 points of your teammate.
Overtime (15)
Got at least 10,000 points in Free Shooting phases of any Reflex Plus gallery in single player.
Primary Target: Alpha (15)
Hunted 5 Alpha males in Marksman Opportunity situations in Story Mode.
Reflex Master (30)
Won any Reflex Shooting Gallery hunting all animals in order in single player.
Repeating Fun (15)
Finished one Maneater level in single player only using the repeating crossbow.
Run Piggie, Run! (15)
Shot 75 warthogs in Reflex Plus galleries in single player.
Scratchless (30)
Passed any Story Mode level except the Take the Shot level without taking damage.
Semi-Automatic Fun (15)
Shot 3 animals in 5 seconds with the semi-auto rifle in single player Maneater.
Stealth Approach (15)
Passed any Story Mode level using only the crossbow.
Steel Hunter (40)
Completed 10 rounds in Maneater in single player.
Sub Zero (15)
Froze 20 animals by shooting away ice floes in Breakthrough Maneater level in single player.
Survived! (30)
Completed the Story Mode.
They Call Me Long Barrel (15)
Hunted an animal from beyond 200 meters with a scope in any Story Mode level.
Two Birds, One Stone (30)
Hunted two predators with one shotgun shot in any Story Mode level.
Unlocker (50)
Unlocked all unlockable content.
Untouchable (30)
Passed round 1 to 5 of any Maneater level in single player without receiving a single hit.
Who Needs Glasses? (15)
Hunted an animal from at least 100 meters, without using the scope in any Story Mode level.

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