Brutal Legend

Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
Armchair General (20)
Won a Stage Battle by yourself against the AI without attacking
Beast Master (15)
Rode every animal in the world
Boar Bather (50)
Rode a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and live to tell the tale
Chicks n' Booze n' Stuff (15)
Completed "Sanctuary of Sin"
Co"nquerer (50)
Won 50 ranked multiplayer matches
Coolest Thing Ever (15)
Jumped over a Hextadon in the Deuce
Death From Above (15)
Killed 20 enemies with one Bleeding Death
Dollpocalypse (15)
Hit 6 enemies with the explosion from a Brood's Double Team
Euthanasia (15)
Hit 15 enemies with one Agony Ball using the Pain Lifter's Double Team
Favored (30)
Acquired 3,000 Fire Tributes
Fistfull of Fog (15)
Completed "Dry Ice, Wet Graves"
Flowerslave (20)
Summoned all Motor Forges
French Kiss Instructor (15)
Completed "Pilgrimage of Screams"
Got a Car and a Date (15)
Completed "Welcome to the Age of Metal"
Groupie (25)
Completed Campaign mode on Easy
Hair Remover (15)
Completed "Battle for Bladehenge"
I've never touched an axe before (30)
Personally smote 300 enemies - any mode
Iron Fist (20)
Won an AI Stage Battle - Brutal difficulty
Legend (25)
Completed Campaign mode on Brutal
Loyal Customer (25)
Purchased all upgrades in the Motor Forge
Master of the Blood (20)
Double Teamed with every Tainted Coil unit
Master of the Flame (20)
Double Teamed with every Ironheade unit
Master of the Tear (20)
Double Teamed with every Drowning Doom unit
Metal God (50)
Achieved 100% completion on the stats screen
No More Tears (15)
Completed "Sea of Black Tears"
Now You Must Tell the Tale (20)
View all Legends
One Hit Wonder (5)
Purchased 1 upgrade in the Motor Forge
Overkill (20)
Completed all hunting secondary missions
Painkiller (15)
Killed 25 enemies with the grinder of one Rock Crusher
Practice Bloody Practice (10)
Won an AI Stage Battle - any difficulty
Protector (20)
Completed 20 ambush, outpost defense, or mortar secondary missions
Quill Tosser (20)
Killed a Tollusk using only Ground Urchins
Ran to the Hills (15)
Completed "It's Raining Death"
Ringleader (15)
Trapped 15 enemies in one ring of fire with the Fire Baron's Double Team
Roadie (25)
Completed Campaign mode on Normal
Sellout (30)
Spent 250,000 fans - any mode
Serpent Samaritan (10)
Freed 40 Bound Serpents
Serpent Savior (25)
Freed all 120 Bound Serpents
Serpent Spanker (15)
Freed 80 Bound Serpents
Silence, groundwalker! (10)
Gained 5 or more seconds of hang time in a single jump - any mode
Six Degrees of Schafer (15)
Played with or against another player who has this Achievement
Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper (20)
Slayed 150 enemies with the Deuce - any mode
Squeal Like a Chicken (20)
Completed all racing secondary missions
Start a Revolution (15)
Completed "Exploited in the Bowels of Hell"
Subju"gator (20)
Won 10 ranked multiplayer matches
Thick as a Baby's Arm (15)
Completed "Lair of the Metal Queen"
Tourist (20)
Viewed all vistas
Victo"r (10)
Won a ranked multiplayer match
Virtuoso (20)
Learned all guitar solos
Voices From Beyond (20)
Unlocked all songs in the Mouth of Metal
Hammer of Infinite Fates DLC Achievements
Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.
A Face Like a Beast (10)
Kill 15 enemies with a Metal Beast while wearing the Zaulia Threads.
Beard Beard Action Beard! (10)
Make out with Ophelia while wearing the Mountain Man Threads.
Carnivore (10)
Run down 20 animals in the Deuce with the Coiling Maw equipped.
Cry Me a River (10)
Kill 20 Drowning Doom units with the Eye of Sorrow.
Hammer of Fate Champion (10)
Win 10 games on Hammer of Infinite Fate maps - ranked or vs. the Bru"tal AI.
Hammer of Infinite Fate Tourist (10)
Play a multiplayer game on all Hammer of Infinite Fate multiplayer maps.
If You Want Blood, You Got It (10)
Kill 20 Tainted Coil units with the Disgorger.
Norwegian Sendoff (10)
Visit the grave of a fallen hero while wearing the Black Metal Threads.
Whispering Rock (10)
Chisel four Razputin heads onto Mt. Rockmore.
Increased Nitrous Power
Complete all Racing Missions
Spike-Quilled Axe
Complete all Hunter Missions
Extra Upgrades
Completing certain mission chains unlocks extra upgrades.
Quill axe
Complete all hunting missions
Triple nitro
Complete all racing missions

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Автор: Kairondarkness
На мой взгляд, эта игра разработана очень хорошо. Даже, скажем, отлично. В Brutal Legend присутствует юмор, интересный сюжет, хорошее музыкальное сопровождения. Игра не надоедает, как обычно другие игры в последнее время. Она превзошла мои ожидания! Спасибо разработчикам за эту замечательную игру! Моя оценка - 5 баллов.

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