Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

3 Up, 3 Down (20)
Strike out three batters in one inning
Back Against the Wall (20)
Hit a home run with two strikes and zero balls
Back to Back, Jack! (20)
Hit back to back out of the park home runs
Backyard Powerhouse (20)
Pablo joins your team in Story Mode
Batting Around (25)
The whole team gets a swing during a single inning
Blast Those Quads (30)
Get four or more hits with one player in a single game
Cyclone (45)
Hit for the cycle with a single player
Decked Out (20)
Got all the gear in Story Mode
Double Play! (20)
Get two runners out in a single play
Double to Nuttin' (25)
Keep your opponent from scoring a run after leading off with a double or a triple
Double! (20)
Hit for a double
First W (10)
Congratulations on your first win!
Going... Going... (10)
Hit one out of the park
Grand Theft (35)
Steal home
Greased Lightning (20)
Get a single on a bunt attempt
Great Balls of Fire! (15)
Earn a double or better with the Fire Bat
Have Mercy! (75)
Win every Story Mode game using the mercy rule
Houston, We Have a Problem (10)
Strike out a batter using the Rocket Ball
Ice Catch! (15)
Freeze a fielder using The Icicle
Like Bill (20)
Win a game with a walk off home run
Like Cy (15)
Win a game without changing pitchers
Like Joe (25)
Win in the final inning while things are looking down (5-inning game)
Like Lou (35)
Hit a grand slam
Like Nolan (35)
Hold your opponents to zero runs (5-inning game)
Love of the Game (45)
Defeat The Bullies in Story Mode
Mac Attack (20)
Joey joins your team in Story Mode
Mathlete (20)
Dmitri joins your team in Story Mode
Nice Pitch, K? (5)
Strike out a batter
No Quarter Given (10)
Earn a win through the mercy rule
Out of This World (10)
Hit a home run off a Meteor Ball
Patience is a Virtue (5)
Get a walk while at bat
Ribby (10)
Congratulations on your first RBI!
Rocket Launch (20)
Vicki joins your team in Story Mode
Run! Run! Run! (35)
Hit an in-the-park homer
Savin' the Day! (10)
Change pitchers before the final inning and win the game
Slugger Star (20)
Tony joins your team in Story Mode
Speed Demon (30)
Steal second and third base with the same player in the same inning
The Cannon (20)
Keisha joins your team in Story Mode
There is No Spoon (10)
Successfully hit a Mirage Ball
They Call Me Bonehead Fred (40)
Score the winning run in the bottom of the final inning with two outs and two runners left on base
Tick Tock (5)
Get blowed up real good by a Ticking Time Ball
Triple Play! (30)
Get three runners out in a single play
Triple! (30)
Hit for a triple
Twin All-Stars (20)
Sid & Ash join your team in Story Mode
Upper Classman (20)
Jorge joins your team in Story Mode

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