Arcana Heart 3

A Learning Computer (15)
Mei-Fang - Finish your fight in mint condition.
Any Color, So Long As It's Black (15)
Catherine - Experimental weapons!
Arcana, Assemble! (20)
Fight against all Arcana in Network Mode.
Archangel (20)
Use all characters.
Atatatatatatatatatatatatatata! (15)
Akane - Show them your ultimate burning passion!
Critically Acclaimed (20)
Win with a Critical Heart.
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? (15)
Petra - Life is cheap, and so are bullets.
Draw, Partner (15)
Eko - Just keep drawing.
Engauge! (15)
Completely drained the Spiritual Gauge more than 3 times in a single match.
Enough Love to Go Around (60)
Raise all Characters RP Level to 3.
Flawless Victory (15)
Saki - Decommission your opponents with skill and precision.
Form of...Me Kicking Your Ass! (15)
Kira - You spin me right round, baby, right round...
Gone in 75 Seconds (15)
Angelia - Almost there...
Good Morning, Angels (20)
Fight against all characters in Network Mode.
Gotterdammerung (20)
Used Baldur to defeat Ragnarok.
I Don't Have Anything Elsa Left (15)
Elsa - Master a variety of weapons.
I Need Support! (15)
Maori - Complete a combo with the aid of all your sisters.
I Was Just Looking! (40)
Unlock all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.
I'm Stuffed (15)
Konoha - Switch places with a bunch of stuffed...yous!
I've Seen Everything (30)
Watch all of the endings in Story Mode.
It's Moving... (60)
Unlock all the link animations in Gallery Mode.
Mark III Chain Master (15)
Scharlachrot - Trap your opponent.
Mark III Sword Summoner (15)
Weiss - Execute a combo of 100+ hits, without assistance.
Mycana, Not Ourcana (20)
Use all Arcana.
No Train No Gain (10)
Train for 15 minutes straight.
No, I Expect You To Die (15)
Zenia - Timing is of the essence.
Obtuse Angel (15)
Fiona - Dish out as much damage as you can with a single attack.
Of Critical Importance (20)
Win with an Extended Critical Heart.
On The Streets and So Forth (15)
Lilica - Never give up. Never surrender!
Operation Nihon-Go (10)
Watch the bad ending in Story Mode.
Plays Well With Others (10)
Play in a Player Match.
Raise the Draw-Bridge! (15)
Eko - Lanch some REAL fireworks.
Rank and File (10)
Play in a Ranked Match.
Sacrecent (15)
Used moves with the word "Sacred" in them more than 100 times as Fiona.
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (15)
Nazuna - Master the follow-up.
Storybook Ending (10)
Finish Story Mode.
Storybook Ending X-TREME (20)
Finish Story Mode on the most difficult setting.
Sympathy for the Devil (40)
Combo like the Devil!
Taliswoman (15)
Yoriko - Master the follow-up.
That's "'S' Words", Mr. Connery (15)
Kamui - Unleash the power of the Spiritual Sword to take down your opponents.
That's the Pooooower of Love (15)
Heart - Tear down all that stands in your way with the power of love!
The Alchemist of Life (40)
Defeat Parace L'Sia in Score Attack Mode.
Twisted Sister (15)
Lieselotte - You can rebuild her... You have the technology!
Un-Natural Female Enhancement (20)
Win while the Extend Force is unusable.
What a Card (15)
Dorothy - Master the deck of cards.
With Our Powers Combined! (20)
Win with an Arcana Blaze.
You Complete Me (15)
Clarice - Steal life from your opponent.
You Only Have Eyes for Me! (60)
Raise one character's RP Level to 10.
You're Not Supposed to DO It! (15)
Got attacked immediately after the [Come and Get Me!] teleport.
Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne (15)
While the Water Arcana [Regnum] is active, land a [Last Armageddon Drop].

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