Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Voice Change 
     With your primary controller plugged into the first port, plug a
second controller into the fourth port. At any time, you can use the
second controller to change the pitch of the voice acting.

Black Button: Lower pitch (Barry White)
White Button: High pitch (like Michael Jackson)
Companion Killer 
     On Dantooine during your Jedi training you will be sent to
investigate someDark power emanations in the wilderness. When you
find Juhani, you can turn her to the Light Side and have her join
your party, or you can threaten to kill her. Do so and you will set
off an interesting chain of events that not only lose you Juhani as a
party member (since she's dead) but sends another Jedi member towards
the Dark Side.
Earn Different Endings 
     Finish game on the Light Side (by doing good deeds and denying
the Dark Side) to see the Light Side ending. Finish game on the Dark
Side (by doing evil and accepting the Dark path) to see the Dark Side
Easy Heal 
     Anytime you are in a safe area (not in combat or inside a room)
you can instantly heal yourself. Go to the Map screen in the pause
menu and hit the X Button to instantly leap back to the Ebon Hawk.
Your party members will be magically healed. You can then select the
Map screen and hit X again to jump back to where you just were.
Extra Items 
     On the Ebon Hawk, talk to each member of your crew. You can ask
each one to make you specific items:

Mission - Security Spike/Play Pazaak 
Canderous - Arenal stimulants 
HK-47 - Fighter simulation (shooting mini-game) 
Jolee - Medpack 
T3-M4 - Computer Spike 
Zaalbar - Grenades 
Juhani - Annoying accent and whining 
Bastila - Crazy visions 
Carth - Goatee styling tips 
Extra Sidequests 
     Talk to the other members of your party often. Most have an
extra side quest that can only be activated by talking to them at
least 8 times during the game. Sometimes it takes even more.
Bastila's, for example, has you searching for her mother on Tatooine
and Carth's has you hunting for his lost son.
Finding Party Members 

Bastila - Jedi Human - Taris
Canderous - Mandalorian Soldier - Taris
Carth - Human Soldier - Endar Spire
HK-47 - Combat Droid - Tatooine (buy him in the droid shop)
Jolee Bindo - Jedi Human - Kashyyyk
Juhani - Jedi Guardian - Dantooine (don't kill her!)
Mission - Tw'lek Scoundrel - Taris
Zaalbar - Wookie Scout - Taris
T3-M4 - Expert Droid - Taris 
Hint: Big Battles 
     Boss fights and many big fights can be seen on the horizon. When
you know you are about to have a big fight, shoot up your party
members with stimulants and activate your energy shields. The time
limit of the stimulants is real time during convos. So when bosses
begin talking, hit A repeatedly to quickly move to the battle, so
your stimulants are still active during the fight. Using stimulants
will greatly improve your chances of survival.
Hint: Heal By Leveling Up 
     If you're in the midst of a fight and notice an "up arrow" icon
over a character's face, pause during the battle and level that
character up without having to use a Medpac. (Anytime you level up
all of your health is restored).
Hint: Leveling Up 
     Be careful when picking your Force Powers and Skills when
leveling up. Once you reach level 20 (combined levels of character
class and Jedi class), you can no longer level up. Make sure you have
everything you want before that final level up.
Hint: Malak Boss Fight 
     For the final fight against Malak, after you've taken down most
of his health, the Dark Lord will begin draining power from captive
Jedi. You need to destroy the statis chambers with the captured Jedi
inside. Use Destroy Droid if you have it. Malak boosts his power with
these, so run around the entire arena destroying them (including the
two on the upper tier). Then use Force Wave to knock down Malak. You
must use Force Immunity or suffer some serious pain. Use Force Wave,
heal, Force Wave, Heal. Continue on this pattern until he is nearly
dead. Then finish off with a sabre duel.
Hint: Tach-nastics 
     On Kashyyk, in the Shadow Lands, if you run into a Tach, "speak"
to it, and it will do a little flip. Not very helpful, but kind of

Hint: Wave Your Lightsaber Around 
     Once you get a lightsaber (or two) press Y at any time it is
equipped but disengaged to make the light sword appear. Continuing to
press Y will make it look like your character is attending a rave.
Kill Good Guys on Tatooine 
     After helping the men defend the Sand Crawler in the desert, put
on Sand People outfits (taken from dead Sand Folk) and return to the
Sand Crawler. The men will attack you, thinking you are enemies. You
are free to defend yourself and kill them. Truly an evil act.
Medpac Crisis 
     On Manaan, if you choose to poison the big fish in order to kill
it, you'll also poison the water. This causes a massive shortage in
medpacs for the rest of the game, driving their prices sky-high.
Perfect Fight 
     At any time during a battle you can pause and save the game.
When in a boss battle, be sure to save at least once. This way if the
tide turns and you get jacked up, you can restart the fight midway
Scare the Crap Out of People on Taris 
     When you get the Sith uniform on Taris, put it on. Don't go to
the Lower City yet. Instead, walk around upper Taris and talk to
people. They're all scared of you now. Go and harass the people at
the Clinic for more chuckles.

Get Unlimited life  (submitted by Aphex-Mike)
     To  get unlimied life KILL Juhani (I know you want her as a party
member,  but  I  think  Unlimited  life  is better*) then take the two
lightsabres  from  her,  then put solo mode (press the back button) on
and  kill  at  least 6 *HORNED KATH HOUNDS* without any help from your
party members.
     After  u  do,  press solo mode off and return to da ship. Talk to
the  party  members that helped u kill Juhani ( the best party members
to  use  to  kill  her  is  Candaerous  and Carth) ask then about them
selves.  Keep  on  talking  to them and they will ask you why u killed
Juhani.  Say that she was getting on your nerves and that you couldn't
save  her. Then talk to a women named belaya (near the place where the
jedi council is). She will say bad things about you. After you do talk
to the counsil (all except the guy who trains you) and keep lieing.
     As  soon  as  you  finish it will say Dark Points Gained! Look at
your  stats  and  you will be level 15 will unlimited life until Darth

The Best Crystal Combinations (submitted by Aphex-Mike)
     Some good crystal combinations are:
Bondar with damind, upari, krayt DP or solari
Then Nextor with Opila
Luxum with firkrann (DA BEZT THING AGAINST DROIDZ)
Phond with sigil
Sapith with Upari

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