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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Full Spectrum Warrior

Автор: Scubasteve
When I bought this game I was expecting two player mode without the use of xbox live, you can't. So I decided to give it a chance, and I'm glad I did. Even though you can't be a sniper (at least I haven't reached a point where you would be able to) I absolutely love this game, it is so much fun. I definitely recommend this game for those who love these type of team military games.

Автор: 0900
This game is awesome and very fun, but I wish that there was a two player mode without Xbox Live...

Автор: john
The game is good but the controls are hard to figure out at first. I think there should be subtitles so you can read what the guy is saying and co-op should be with or without X-live.

Автор: turtle recon
Without question the best battle simulation ever. I read a lot of crap previews about how you couldn't really fight, only command a force to do the fighting for you... or how you didn't really have a choice how your men clear an alley or a room. Well, if these guys had played the game before typing anything, they wouldn't have typed anything since all of those things were completely wrong.
It's not FPS but so what, you have 100 FPS titles out there to choose from. The graphics are fantastic, the controls are pretty easy but a lot of people will go through the training one time and not pay attention and then complain that the controls are too hard. Do yourself a favor and go through training twice.
Unless you're deaf, you won't need subtitles.

Автор: x gamer
I think this game is the best for anyone because you can control where your grenades go and its a complete 3d action game. Hope you like it;)

Автор: Trevor
I completley loved "Full Spectrum Warrior" and I'm hoping for a second one to come out soon. I thought that the only default to this game was you can't play it on two player mode without going live.

Автор: Arthur
An extremely awesome game. I can honestly say that I have never played a realtime military game that is as realistic as "Full Spectrum Warrior".

Автор: Diabetic Jimmy
"Full Spectrum Warrior" is a new kind of game. I personally like it a lot because it mixes teamwork and strategy more than just the blaze 'em up games. If you want those kinds of games I recommend "Unreal Tournament 2004".

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