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Мини-обзоры посетителей об игре Driver 3

Автор: Charlie IV
My dear mother gave me this game, plus an xbox, also one of her spare corgies (you can never have too many), and she promises to bribe the designers to design a "Driv4r". My eyes ad over large ears have been glued to my surround sound digital sound system and I thank you.
BUT I must say chaps, where are the bicycles? It was excellent, but so similar to "Grand Theft Auto". Must say, good job, lads. Absolutely spiffing.

It is the best game I've ever played. And it has the best graphics of any game I have ever heard of. I give the game a perfect 10 and would definitely recommend it.

Автор: J. Harman
"Driver 3" from Atari is a much anticipated step up from the second installment. The game plays like a "right side of the law", "Grand Theft Auto". It's just hard enough to frustrate you, and just addictive enough to make you want to play the game straight through. I strongly recommend this game, you'll love it.

Автор: Dan
Ordinary if not, at times, boring. Tries so hard to be "Grand Theft Auto" and fails. Graphically excellent, but the gameplay is both slow an unchallenging. Fingers crossed for Driver 4.

Автор: Stunngun
A show of graphics, nothing more. A poor physics engine, horrid AI, nauseating gunfights. The graphics are good, but that sums up any positive things about this game. Don't buy it. If you still feel compelled to at least try it, then rent it. Take my word for it, don't go spend $50 and then hate yourself for doing so.

Автор: Chris
Excellent graphics, poor game. Repetitive missions and repetitive music lead to a boring and unfulfilling game experience. You would also expect a game called "Driver" to have a lot of cars. It doesn't. Very poor.

Автор: Seb James
Absolutely stunning graphics, with amazing amounts of detail throughout the game, but it comes up short against the almighty "Grand Theft Auto" series. That's only because it does not have the mission detail, and I think there is not enough in the game to keep you occupied for long enough when not doing missions. Still an amazing game, certainly worth buying! For most of the time whilst playing the game, I find myself driving around the cities just looking at all the hidden details and so on. For "Driver 4", just take a few hints from "GTA" and you've got yourself a true winner, as this beats GTA's graphics hands down!

Автор: DJ Shout
Good game play, and good graphics. Could do with being able to add your own music. Only real pain - no "Two players" mode! That was such fun in "Driver 2" - why, oh why take it out? But with motorbikes and boats thrown in, I can't say too much to put it down. Very good fun.

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