Wii Sports Resort

Advanced Archery
     To  play Archery without a guide circle (for more advanced play),
press the 2 button at the loading screen.

     Play basketball at night: hold 2 on the loading screen

     To change the Bowling Balls color you must hold the corresponding
direction  on  the  D-pad  at the loading screen. (Blue is the default

Hold Down:                    Green Bowling Ball

Hold Left:                    Red Bowling Ball

Hold Right:                   Gold Bowling Ball

New features in Island Flyover
     Collect i points too unlock new features in Island Flyover. These
are  icons  that  are found at various points across the island. Every
ten new i points collected, a new feature is unlocked.

Balloons appear 
across Wuhu Island:           Collect 10 points

Double Popper (plane shoots 
two balls instead of one):    Collect 30 points

Evening mode 
for Island Flyover:           Collect 20 points

New Starting Location:        Collect 80 points

New Whale Shark Design:       Collect 70 points

Night mode 
for Island Flyover:           Collect 40 points

Night-time Lighting:          Collect 50 points

Two-seater Plane:             Collect 60 points


Pro level:                    Get 1000 in any sport

Superstar:                    Get 2000 points in a sport.

Alternate Modes
     Follow the instructions when selecting an event.

11 point table tennis game:   Press 2 at loading screen

Advance Frisbee Golf:         Hold 2 at loading screen

Advance Golf:                 Hold 2 at loading screen

Advanced Archery:             Press 2 at loading screen

Play basketball at night:     Hold 2 on the loading screen

play swordplay 
during the evening:           Hold 2 on the loading screen

Shoe/Slipper Paddle:          Press 1 at loading screen

Hidden Power Cruising courses
     Note  that  if  a  course  is  unlocked  in Shalom it will not be
unlocked in VS, and vice versa the other way around.

Cavern:                       Play 10 times.

Marina:                       Play [Power Cruising] 5 times.

Shoals:                       Play 15 times.

New bowling ball
     Achieve  Pro  level  (1000  points)  in  bowling  to get to use a
bowling ball with stars on it. The new ball can only be used in events
that you have achieved pro level in.

Star bowling ball: Achieve Pro level in bowling

     Complete any of the Goals required to unlock the stamp.

1-Stage Master:               Finish all 1-stage races in first place.

(Return Challenge):           Get a score of 100 points or more.

200-point Dive:               Get a score of 200 points or more.

(Return Challenge):           Get a score of 200 points or more.

3-Stage Master:               Finish all 3-stage races in first place.

(Power Cruising):             Get a cumulative score of 5,000 points 
                              or more overall.

(Return Challenge):           Get a score of 50 points or more.

6-Stage Master:               Finish all 6-stage race in first place.

A Cut Above:                  Beat the Speed Slice champion

A for Effort:                 Score 10 points with each of your 10 throws 
                              to get this stamp

A Secret to Everybody:        Hit all the secret targets in every level

Archery Bull Stampede:        Hit the center of the target 
                              and get 10 points with all three arrows 
                              in one stage

Back From the Brink:          Successfully return a ball that hits 
                              the edge of the table.

Bag of Tricks:                Land seven or more different kinds of jumps 
                              on a single run

Balloon Animal:               During practice, pop all 9 balloons 
                              in ten throws or less

Balloonatic:                  Pop every white balloon at all times of day.

Beginner License:             Get to 200 yards in beginner level.

Bonus Plumber:                Score every Bonus Ball worth 2 points 
                              in 3-point Contest

Buzzer Beater:                Make a last-second shot with a "buzzer 
                              beater," a basket scored just before 
                              the buzzer signals the end of the game.

Camera Shy:                   Apparently, if you don't manage to catch 
                              anybody on your dive, the photographer 
                              will come out from behind the camera 
                              for a special shot.

Century Shot:                 Shoot 100 arrows into the target

Cut the Red Tape:             Cut the red tape in all levels.

Double Time:                  Slice the alarm clock when the two digits 
                              on the display are the same, 
                              such as 8.8, 7.7, or 6.6.

Ducks in a Row:               During Canoe pratice, return all of 
                              the ducklings to the mother, 
                              then complete the next canoe speed race.

Ducky Come Home Stamp:        In Canoeing, catch all ducklings 
                              and take them to their mother in practice

English Major:                Score 170 points or more without hitting 
                              a single barrier.

Epic Rally:                   Keep up a rally (hitting the ball back 
                              and forth without stopping) for 30 hits.

Expert License:               Get to 400 yards in Expert level.

First of Many:                Finish a race in 1st place 
                              for the first time to get this stamp.

Follow That Plane:            Follow Miguel's guide plane around 
                              the island for at least three minutes.

For the Birds:                Take a photo with a bird in it.

Friends in High Places:       Catch at least 29 Mii characters during 
                              your dive, then join them for the final 
                              formation and have a picture taken.

Frisbee Dog Good Dog:         Throw the Frisbee right into the center of 
                              the target area to make the dog jump up 
                              and grab it out of the air

Frisbee Golf Under Par:       Finish 3-, 9-, or 18-hole course under par

Gobble Gobble:                Bowl three strikes in a row to get a turkey.

Golden Arm:                   Score 100 points with every throw 
                              and pop every balloon

Head First:                   Knock down the headpin in every game.

High Five:                    Catch and link up with 4 other Mii 
                              characters and make sure everyone's 
                              face is visible when the camera snaps.

High Roller:                  Get a score of 200 points or more 
                              to receive this stamp.

Hole in One:                  Throw the Frisbee into the target area 
                              in just one throw

Hoop Hero:                    Take down the champions in a pickup game!

Hot Streak:                   Score 5 balls in a row in 3-point contest

In Your Face:                 For some reason, you get a stamp 
                              for hitting your opponent's face 
                              with the ball.

Intermediate License:         Get to 300 yards in Intermediate level.

Island Hopper:                Visit any "!" point on Wedge Island.

Last Gasp:                    Finish a race when you're out of breath.

Last Mii Standing:            Defeat the champion in a duel

Leisure Cruiser:              Find all the time balloons in one run 
                              in single-player Free-Cruising mode, 
                              then complete the Slalom Course afterwards 
                              to get the stamp.

Lights Out:                   Drain five 3-point baskets in one game.

Lucky Skip:                   Get this stamp when a Frisbee bound 
                              for water hazard skips across 
                              the surface of the water and lands safely 
                              on the other side

Master Carver:                Score 1,000 points or more on the Expert 
                              Level without hitting any obstacles

Met Your Match:               Draw three rounds in a row to get to 
                              the final battle ring, then draw again 
                              for a completely even match 
                              in single-player mode.

Not The Face Stamp:           In Table Tennis, hit the opponent 
                              in the face with the ball

Off the Wall:                 Hit the gutter guard once 
                              and then get a strike.

On a Roll:                    To pull off a "roll-in," throw your Frisbee 
                              from outside the green, hit the ground, 
                              and roll it into the goal

One for All:                  Knock down at least one pin in every frame.

One-Hit Wonder:               Push your opponent out of the ring 
                              with only one strike in single-player mode.

Perfect 10:                   Clear Stage 10 without taking a single hit 
                              and losing a heart

Perfect Game:                 Bowl 12 strikes in a row.

Perfect Target:               Hit the center of the target area and score 
                              100 points with all ten of your throws

Perfectly Matched:            Draw with your opponent in single-player.

Pin Dropper:                  Score a strike or a spare on every frame

Pin Dropper 
(100 Pin Bowling):            Score a strike or a spare on every frame  

Pin Dropper (Spin Controll):  Score a strike or a spare on every frame

Pop Frenzy:                   Pop 150 balloons in the course of one 

Power Cruiser:                Score 170 points atleast on all courses

Power Jumper:                 Go through all the bonus rings 
                              in the final course.

Psychic Slice:                Cut an object correctly before it even hits 
                              the ground in single-player mode

Pure Shooter:                 Sink all 25 balls in the basket with 
                              at least 15 seconds left on the clock.

Quick Draw:                   Finish throwing all 25 basketballs 
                              as fast as possible

Recycler:                     Knock the can off the table 
                              with a ball 30 times in one game.

Rim Rattler Stamp:            Score three slam dunks 
                              in one basketball pickup game

Ringmaster:                   Go through every single bonus ring 
                              on one course.

Save Face:                    Get a score of 100 points or more without 
                              the ball ever hitting the server's face.

Secret Strike:                Roll the bowling ball all the way across 
                              on the gutter guard

Sharpshooter:                 Score 10 points with every arrow 
                              in each of the 4 rounds

Showdown Not a Scratch:       Clear any stage without taking a hit 
                              and losing a heart

Slicing Machine:              Correctly slice at least one of each of 
                              the 18 types of objects 
                              in single-player mode

Smooth Landing:               Land 10 jumps in a row

Speed Slice Slice and Dice:   Win the contest without missing a single 
                              object by slicing the wrong way or failing 
                              to slice within the time limit

Split Spare:                  Complete a spare after getting a split 
                              on your first throw.

Split Spare 
(100 Pin Bowling):            Complete a spare after getting a split 
                              on your first throw.

Split Spare (Spin Control):   Complete a spare after getting a split 
                              on your first throw.

Straight and Narrow:          Play an 18-hole round of Frisbee Golf 
                              without throwing any discs out of bounds 
                              or into a water hazard

Straight to the Point:        Push your opponent out of the ring 
                              with a lunge in single-player mode

Super Strike:                 Knock all 100 down with one huge strike.

Sure Shot:                    Hit the target with all 3 arrows 
                              in each of the 4 stages

Sword Fighter:                Defeat all of your foes 
                              to clear the first 10 stages

Swordmaster:                  Fight through the final Showdown stage

Swordplay Duel Cliff-hanger:  The final battle ring appears if the two 
                              opponents are still locked in a draw after 
                              three rounds. It doesn't matter if you win 
                              or lose

Table Titan:                  Beat the table-tennis champion in a match.

The Long Way Home:            Land 50 jumps and wakeboard all the way 
                              around Wuhu island in Free-Cruising mode

Triple Dip:                   Score a goal from beyond the 3-point line 
                              (Pick up Game).

Under Par:                    Finish a round of Golf under par

Untouchable:                  Fight through the final Showdown stage 
                              without taking a single hit 
                              and losing a heart

Wakeboarding Huge Air:        Score 100 points on a single jump

Wuhu Tour Guide:              Collect all the "!" points in the daytime, 
                              evening, and night. 

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