Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Unlockable Characters

Unlockable:         How to Unlock:

Jigglypuff          Complete Classic Mode with any character other than 
                    Ike or Complete Event Match 20 or 350 VS matches

Captain Falcon      Beat Classic in 20 minutes or less then defeat him 
                    in the following match or 70 VS matches
Sonic               Complete the Subspace Emissary or 300 VS matches

Luigi               Complete Classic Mode on Easy or 22 VS matches

Snake               Play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island 
                    or 130 VS matches

Lucario             Defeat in SSE with Meta Knight or Complete 5 Target 
                    Tests with any character or 100 VS matches

Ness                Play five matches OR Reflect ten projecticles 
                    AND meet Ness in SSE.

Falco               Beat 100-man brawl or play 50 VS matches

Mr. Game & Watch    Beat classic mode with every character 
                    or 250 VS matches

Toon Link           Finish the Classic mode as Link or 400 VS matches

Wolf                In the stage "Iseki" (Ruins) skip the first door 
                    you pass when being lowered in to the pit. Instead 
                    enter the second door at the bottom or 450 VS matches
R.O.B. (Robot)      Play 160 VS. matches

Ganondorf           Clear Classic on Hard with Link or Zelda 
                    OR play 200 VS. matches
Marth               Play 10 Brawls OR finish Classic on any difficulty 
                    OR get Marth in the SSE

Unlockable Modes

Unlockable:         How to Unlock:

All-Star Mode       Unlock all the hidden characters

Boss Battle Mode    Defeat the Subspace Emissary with any character

Unlockable Stages

Unlockable:         How to Unlock:

Luigi's Mansion     Complete Classic Mode on Easy

Jungle Japes        Play on any Melee stage 10 times in VS Mode

Pokemon Stadium     Play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times in VS Mode

Stage               Complete Event #28

Mario Bros          Beat Challenge #19

Great Sea           Unlock Toon Link

Big Blue (Melee)    Brawl as Captain Falcon 10 times

Spear Pillar        Clear stage #25 in Event Mode

Green Hill Zone     Unlock Sonic

Flat Zone 2         Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

Green Greens        Fight as Kirby in VS mode 20 times

75m                 Brawl as Donkey Kong 20 times

Unlockable Target Tests
     By  clearing  various  difficulties  of  Classic,  you can unlock
different  levels  of  Target Test as outlined below. Note that if you
unlock  a higher difficulty level before an lower one, you will unlock
all the ones before it e.g. If you clear Classic mode once on Intense,
you will unlock all the target tests.

Unlockable:         How to Unlock:

Level 2 (Medium)    Beat Classic Mode twice on Easy or once on Medium

Level 3 (Hard)      Beat Classic Mode twice on Medium or once on Hard

Level 4 (Very Hard) Beat Classic Mode twice on Hard or once on Very Hard

Level 5 (Intense)   Beat Classic Mode twice on Very Hard or once 
                    on Intense

Unlockable Music

Unlockable:         How to Unlock

Love Song           Get a combined distance of 12500m in Home-Run Contest

Legendary Air 
Rider Machine       Complete Event #13

Mach Rider (melee 
version)            Defeat 50 alloys in Endless Multi-Man Brawl

Dream Chaser        Play 10 vs. matches on Port Town

Fire Field          Complete Event #24

Song of Storms      Complete Event #37

King Dedede's Theme Complete Event #15

Goruda              Play 10 vs. matches on Halberd

Menu 2              Unlock All 35 Characters

Ike's Theme         Find Ike in the Subspace Emissary

and Forest          Complete Event #18 on Difficult

Powerhungry Fool    Play 10 vs. matches on Castle Siege

Great Temple        Complete Event #33 on Difficult

Staff Credits Music Clear Classic Mode on Difficult

3D Hot Rally Title  Clear Target Level 5 With Anyone

His World           Play 10 vs. matches on Green Hill Zone

Taru Taru Highlands Clear All-Star Mode on Easy

Snake Eater         Play 15 vs. matches on Shadow Moses Island

Kuru Kuru Land      Get a distance of 400m in Home-Run Contest 
                    with one character
Road to Tokiwa      Complete Event #8

Metroid Prime 2: 
Multi-Play          Play 10 vs. matches on Frigate Orpheon

Frozen Hillside     Play on the Halberd stage 10 times in VS mode

Unlockable Stage Builder Parts

Unlockable:         How to Unlock:

Edit Parts B        Create 5 Stages in Stage Builder

Edit Parts A        Play 10 vs. matches on Stage Builder Stages

Edit Parts C        Create 15 Stages in Stage Builder

Unlock Virtual Console Trials

Unlockable:         How to Unlock

Donkey Kong         Exceed 10 hours of play time

Super Mario USA     Win in VS mode with Peach over 5 times

Super Mario World   Play yoshi's Island (melee) over 3 times

F-zero              Beat SSE having used captain Falcon

Legend of Zelda     Ocarina of Time - Use Toon Link over 10 times 

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