Samurai Warriors 3

4th, Unique character weapons.
To get a character's 4th and ultimate weapon, that character needs to complete the tactical objectives of a set stage on hard or higher in their story mode. Characters without story mode get their weapons in free mode, with the exception of Takemaru, who has unique requirements for his 4th. Below are the required stages listed besides the characters who need to clear them for their 4ths.
CAW Naginata's 4th
Battle of Hasedo (Date army side)
CAW Spear's 4th
Siege of Osaka (Tokugawa army side)
CAW Sword's 4th
Battle of Sekigahara (Western army side)
Ginchio Tachibana's 4th
Escape from Ishigaki
Hanbei Takenaka's 4th
Assault at Chugoku
Hanzo Hattori's 4th
Suppression of Odawara
Hideyoshi Toyotomi's 4th
Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
Ieyasu Tokugawa's 4th
Siege of Osaka
Ina's 4th
Battle of Numata Castle
Kai's 4th
Riot at Kasai Osaki
Kanbei Koroda's 4th
Siege of Osaka
Kanetsugu Naoe's 4th
Battle of Hasedo
Katsuie Shibata's 4th
Battle of Tedorigawa (Oda army side)
Keiji Maeda's 4th
Battle of Hasedo
Kenshin Uesugi's 4th
Showdown at Shizugatake
Kiyomasa Kato's 4th
Escape from Ishigaki
Kotaro Fuma's 4th
Riot at Kasai-Osaki (Toyotomi army side)
Kunoichi's 4th
Rescue of Mitsunari
Magoichi Saikai's 4th
Battle of Hasedo
Masamune Date's 4th
Battle of Hasedo
Mitsuhide Akechi's 4th
Battle of Yamazaki
Mitsunari Ishida's 4th
Battle of Sekigahara
Motochika Chosokabe's 4th
Showdown at Anegawa
Motonari Mori's 4th
Battle of Yamazaki
Muneshige Tachibana's 4th
Battle of Sekigahara
Nagamasa Azai's 4th
Battle of Odani Castle
Nene's 4th
Suppression of Odawara
No's 4th
Battle of Inabayama Castle (Oda army side)
Nobunaga Oda's 4th
Incident at Honnoji
Oichi's 4th
Showdown at Yogoko Lakeside
Okuni's 4th
Battle of Kizugawa (Oda army side)
Ranmaru Mori's 4th
Incident at Honnoji (Oda army side)
Sakon Shima's 4th
Battle of Sekigahara
Shingen Takeda's 4th
Showdown at Nagashino
Tadakatsu Honda's 4th
Battle of Sekigahara
Takamaru's 4th
Curiouser and curiouser (third Takamaru only level in Murasame castle, beat on normal, NOT NIGHTMARE)
Toshiie Maeda's 4th
Battle of Komaki-Nagakute (Hashiba army side)
Uyijasu Hojo's 4th
Kanto Defense
Yoshihiro Shimazu's 4th
Breaking through Sekigahara
Yoshimoto Imagawa's 4th
Battle of Mimasetouge (Takeda army side)
Yukimura Sanada's 4th
Siege of Osaka
Secret mounts
All but two mounts can be unlocked in game through normal play. With the exception of Matsukaze and the Bear, which have their own unique requirements.
Bear Mount
Collect all 54 Murasame Castle Tanukis on Nightmare difficulty
Matsukaze Mount
Collect all 54 Murasame Castle Tanukis on Normal difficulty
Secret Characters
All but one character can be unlocked through the use of rice currency. This character has their own requirements. There are also two models of non playable characters which can be unlocked for creation in CAW, however they do not possess their own movesets and can only be played in free/historical mode and murasame castle.
Aya CAW Model
Complete both Kenshin Uesugi & Kanetsugu Naoe's stories
Masanori Fukushima CAW Model
Complete both Kiyomasa Kato & Mitsunari Ishida's stories
Collect 33 Murasame Castle Tanuki on Normal Difficulity

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