Godzilla Unleashed

Cheat Codes
At the main menu, press A and Up on the D-pad.

Cheat code:    Effect:
787321         Toggle Version Number
0829XX         Set Day (Note: xx is day, 0-based. So, entering 082910 
               would take you to Day 11 of the save game you're currently 
               working on.)
031406         Add 90000 store points

411411         Show Monster Moves (Note: This is a text display of move 
               names, underneath HUD in game.)

204935         Unlock All

Unlockable nonsters 
     Certain monsters are obtained by completing a certain task.

Unlockable:         How to Unlock:

Baragon             Free Baragon from the crystals in "A Friend in Need" 
                    at Monster Island as a Alien. Defeat him 
                    in the "Baragon" stage and buy him for 15,000 points. 

Biollante           Be a Earth Defender and play "Rumble in the Surf" 
                    at Tokyo. Destroy the building with vines 
                    and defeat Biollante later on and buy her 
                    for 30,000 pts. 

Krystalak           Play "Terran Mind-Control" at New York as an Alien. 
                    Destroy large crystal in crater and nine days later 
                    defeat Krystalak and buy him for 20,000 pts. 

Mecha-King Ghidorah Play "Invasion" as a Earth Defender at San Francisco 
                    and defeat Ghidorah. Play "M.K.G" and defeat 
                    Mecha Ghidorah and buy him for 50,000 points. 

Megagurius          Be a ED and play "Enter General Gyozen" at London. 
                    Destroy three teal crystals. Return near the end 
                    and defeat Megaguirus. Buy her for 20,000 pts. 

Obsidius            Play a mech from GDF and play "Big Trouble" 
                    at Seattle. Destroy three cone crystals. 
                    Defeat Obsidius later and buy him for 20,000 pts. 

SpaceGodzilla       Play as a Mutant and obtain four Power Surges 
                    and beat "Tyrant" at the end of the game. 
                    SpaceGodzilla will be added to the shop 
                    and will cost 100,000. 

Titanosaurus        Use a mech from GDF and play "Soloist" at Sydney. 
                    Destroy three circular ice structures. Return later 
                    and defeat the dinosaur. Buy him for 25,000 pts. 

Varan               Play as an Alien and destory the crystals 
                    on the Mothership in "On the Mothership". 
                    Return to the level and defeat Varan 
                    and buy him for 30,000 pts.

Mothership level 
     Play  through  single  player  as  Aliens and when you get to the
level   "Invasion"  instead  of  defeating  the  enemies  destroy  the
mothership.  This will unlock the mothership level for purchase in the

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