Conduit 2

Promotional Codes
In the Extras option, go to Promotional Codes and type the following codes in.
Unlock Eye of Ra ASE.
Unlock Golden Destroyer armor. (Online only.)
1337 Status
Obtain rank 45 in matchmaking.
Armor Piercing
Kill 35 Advancers.
Awesome Kill
Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Back in Action!
Escape the gas chamber on the Trust Platform.
Blaster Kill
Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Blindfolded Warrior
Kill an opponent while you are blinded by a Flash Grenade.
Bomb Squad
Disarm the weapon in D.C.
C2 Novice
Obtain rank 5 in matchmaking.
Discover all of the Conduit coordinates.
Play in a game with a rival.
Conduit 2 Master
Earn every achievement.
Kill 50 Fixers.
Finish round 2 of Invasion.
Complete 75% of the Data Log.
Die Alien Scum!
Finish round 4 of Invasion.
Engineering Bay
Obtain all of the weapon blueprints.
Complete 100% of the Data Log.
Kill 150 Drones.
Fresh Brewed
Crouch several times while standing near a wounded player in multiplayer.
Play in a game with a friend.
Gaming Party
Play in a four player splitscreen game.
Have 100,000 cr to your name.
He Came From Behind
Destroy all the shield turrets in China.
Heart in Darkness
Destroy the Drudge hearts beneath D.C.
Helping Hand
Help the Othu and the Free Drudge escape.
Ice Queen
Take Katarina's soul.
In the Name of Science!
Kill 50 Scientists.
Complete 50% of the Data Log.
Invasion's Fun!
Finish round 3 of Invasion.
Just Bodies.
Finish round 5 of Invasion.
Kill Fest
Kill 10 opponents in a row without dying.
Killer Kill
Kill 5 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Killing Spree
Kill 3 opponents in a row without dying.
Learning the Ropes
Obtain rank 15 in matchmaking.
Defeat the Leviathan.
Kill 5 opponents in a row without dying.
Complete 25% of the Data Log.
Optimal Primer
Deal with the primers on the Trust Platform.
Over 9,000!
Gain enough power to take on Adams.
Powered Up
Collect all of the Progenitor Energy.
Pro Skills
in matchmaking, finish a free for all game in 1st place without using any suit upgrades.
Reign of Terror
Kill 20 opponents in a row without dying.
Roach Stomper
Kill 10 Scarabs.
Super Kill
Kill 2 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Finish round 1 of Invasion.
Tail Gunner
Destroy the Gunship.
The Conduit
Restore the Conduit Dialer to working order.
The Ooze's Secret
Discover the Ooze's Secret in D.C.
The Suit Makes the Man
Obtain the Atlantean Armor.
Tighten Up The Graphics
Activate the hidden wheel in D.C.
Trust This!
Kill 200 Trust Guards.
Ultra Kill
Kill 6 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
Kill Adams.
Voyeur Destroyer
Destroy every security camera in Katarina's Fortress.
Welcome to Kill City
Kill 15 opponents in a row without dying.
Welcome to the Big Leagues
Obtain rank 30 in matchmaking.
You're Winner!
Complete the single player campaign.
Your Soul is Mine
Defeat Li.

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