Tomba! 2

Cheat mode:
     At  the  main menu where it says "New game" and "Load game," hold
L1  +  R1 and press Circle, Triangle, Square, X. You will hear a sound
if  you  entered the code correctly. Level select and all weapons menu
will be unlocked in options.

1/2 of courage song:
     When  the  guy  asks  you to get him clay in the mine level get a
piece  of  mud and go to the laundry place. There you can clean it and
recieve a piece of clay. Take it back to the guy to get a pot. Then go
to  the house across from this one and give the guy in there that pot.
He'll teach you half of the courage song.

To Find All Three In Kujara Ranch:
     Their  are  hiding  in  three places, each easy to get. The first
place  is  on  the  water slide. Simply go down it. She will gev you a
snow  firefly,  as  will the other two. The second is a little harder,
she  is  near  the  AP  box in this area. You should have the squirrel
clothes before finding her. The third is hardest. She is hiding in the
top  of  the two holes. You must throw an enemy in the bottom hole and
she  wil jump out of the top one. If you have any questions, E-mail me
at "" with the topic "Tomba 2 Questions".

Find five evil pigs:

Fire:  In hole in laughing crying forest swim into it
Ice:   Behind waterfall in water temple
Ghost: Under pipe next to trolley stop
Water: House near win's house jump to right with squirrel clothes and
       fly into it
Earth: Near mountain peach jump up 

The whole courage song:
     Use  whole courage song at the lift shed. Sing it to the chickens
who you have to give mountin peach to.

Find the three towers:
     First  have  aleast  1/2  of  each  spel. The tower of courage is
located  in  the pipe area; first go next to the trollary stop than go
to  the  right  past  the  chain onto the platflom and use the courage

     The  tower  of streath is located in the kajura ranch; first from
where  you found the mount peach countiue to the left till you reach a
dead end and use the streath spell

     The tower of wisdom in located in the deep forest; from where you
found  the  rock  crab  and the A.P. box use the wisdom spell the door
shal apper

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