Time Commando

Blue Time Chips:
     For 99 blue time chips, enter the password ACTIVATE.

Full Health:
     Go to the Start Menu & highlight Sound FX then enter X, Triangle,
Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, X.

More Continues:
     For three continues, pause the game and highlight Sound FX on the
menu  that  appears.  Press  Triangle,  Square,  Circle,  X, Triangle,
Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle.

Secret Level:
     For a secret level, enter the password COMMANDO.

Unlimited Ammo:
     Go  to  the  Start  Menu  & highlight Sound FX then enter Square,
Circle,  Circle,  Triangle,  X,  X,  Circle, Square, Square, Triangle,

Weaken Virus:
     Press  Triangle,  Triangle,  Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle,
Square, Square, Square, X.

Level Passwords:

Easy Mode

TUHOUEFY - Roman Empire
ZJFKYGLZ - European Middle Ages
EBELPWNF - Conquistadors
EVXGPWNN - Western
ENQOEQHJ - Modern Wars
XEMJBDFS - Beyond Time


Boss Tactics:
     These are strategies for beating the bosses to each world:

Prehistory - Bear:
     Equip  your  large  club and, this only works if he's on all four
legs,  whack  him  in  the  head. Switch to a lighter weapon and dodge
backward until you're out out of his range. Wait 10 seconds for him to
cool off, then repeat about 4 times.

Roman - Bull:
     Arm  your  axe  and wait for him to charge you. When he's about 2
seconds  away  from  hitting you, use your forward attack. Repeat this
process about 4 times.

Japan - Dragon:
     Evade his his fireballs and slash his neck when he rears his head
back. Repeat until he is dead.

European Middle Ages - Demon:
     You  can  use the Magic Spell but I recommend the crossbow. Shoot
at  him  when  he  stops moving, but be sure to avoid his projectiles.
Grab the nearby battery if you need extra health.

Conquistador - Aztec King:
     This  guy  is a piece of cake. Shoot him 3 times with the pistol.
Be sure to reload before he can get near you.

     There  really  isn't  a boss here, just a lot of guys shooting at
you at once. Use lots of dynamite and shotgun ammo.

Modern Wars - Tank:
     Pretty strait forward, use the bazooka. Its machine gun attack is
impossible to avoid, but you can dodge its missiles.

Future - Cyborg Alien:
     This  guy  is  a  nasty  little sucker! The only weapon that even
dents  him  is a thermal grenade, so make sure you have a lot. Be sure
to avoid its lasers, and don't let it get too close.

Beyond Time - The Virus:
     The  virus  is  very fast, so don't unload all your ammo at once.
Wait until he is fairly close and isn't moving too fast, then nail him
with  a  crystal. He doesn't do a lot of damage, but if he hits Betty,
you will get hurt. Note that you can move vertically in this arena.

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